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What is subdivision platting and when is it required :

Subdivision regulations govern both the division ("platting") of land into lots, parcels or sites for building and the location, design and installation of supporting infrastructure. Subdivision regulation ensures that streets, parks and utilities can adequately serve new development. Subdivision regulation also minimizes hazards by ensuring that new development is sensitive to environmental considerations such as water quality, tree preservation, floodplains and drainage. The Development Services Department manages subdivision plat review and coordinates reviews by seven outside agencies. To receive building permits or utility service a subdivision plat is required unless the Unified Development Code authorizes a specific exception.

In general it is unlawful to sell or make improvements to land until the City of San Antonio has approved a plat of the proposed subdivision design and plans for the proposed infrastructure. The development standards set forth in the Unified Development Code and other applicable Municipal Code sections govern subdivision plat approval. A developer who attempts to record an unapproved plat in the County Clerks ’ office or who sells lots by reference to such a plat may be subject to criminal penalties.

Subdivision regulation applies both in the San Antonio City Limits and in the Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ), an area extending up to five miles beyond the City Limits.

How the process is started :

A surveyor and/or an engineer must submit a subdivision application. The respective profession must seal a recorded plat. Professional services rendered generally involve all preparation and filing of the plat, along with any technical plans and specifications required in the review process. All plat applications submitted to the City of San Antonio need to include all applicable platting fees and a draft proposal.

Review Process :

The review process begins with distribution of copies of the proposed plat to seven reviewing agencies to ensure conformance with applicable development standards. The plat approval process involves securing Letters of Certification from five (5) departments or agencies: Planning, Parks and Recreation, Development Services, CPS Energy, and San Antonio Water System (water, sewer and aquifer - as applicable). A Letter of Certification is also required from Bexar County Infrastructure Services if the property is located outside of the City of San Antonio. Each of the certifying agencies will conduct a “completeness review.” Once each submittal has been deemed complete, each of the agencies are required to issue certifications within 50 calendar and 10 working days for major and minor plats respectively. Please be aware that additional plat review time may be required if the information filed is incomplete or requires correction. Additionally, the process requires Letters of Review from AT&T and Time Warner Cable. Request for plat review shall be delivered to reviewing departments and agencies simultaneously with the request for letters of certification.

Additional approval outside City Limits :

Areas located outside of the San Antonio City Limits require approval of Bexar County, which is coordinated during the Letter of Certification process. The County also is the reviewer of on-site sewer facilities.


APPROVAL: Development Services Director or Commission ?

Generally, amending plats, minor plats without variances or replats that do not involve public hearings are eligible for administrative approval by the Director. A minor plat is defined as “a subdivision involving four (4) or fewer lots fronting on an existing street that does not involve: (i) the creation of any new streets, alleys or safety lanes; (ii) the extension of off-site utilities: or (iii) the installation of drainage improvements.” The Planning Commission must hear all other plats.

Final Completeness Review

The subdivision plat filing will be evaluated for “completeness” at the time of submittal for plat approval. With a complete filing for plat approval, Development Services staff will schedule the plat for consideration by the Planning Commission (major plat) or the Development Services Director (minor plat). The Development Services Department will post and advertise a public hearing (if necessary).

  • Minor Plats: Approved by the Director on a rolling basis.
  • Major Plats: The Planning Commission meets every second and fourth Wednesday of the month at 2:00 P.M. in the Board Room of the Development and Business Service Center , 1901 S. Alamo . The deadline for scheduling items on the agenda is close of business by the Monday two weeks before the scheduled meeting. Remember a complete filing is required before scheduling the plat for consideration.

Items required for complete plat package filing :

  • Plat application (complete)
  • Letters of Certification from:

Development Services: 1901 South Alamo

  • Engineering 207-0261
  • Subdivision 207-0121
  • Zoning 207-0170
  • Environmental 207-8265
  • Legal Description 207-0259
  • Planning 1901 South Alamo 207-7873

Parks and Recreation 506 Dolorosa 207-2886

SAWS (water, sewer & aquifer) 2800 US 281 N 233-3505

CPS Energy 146 Navarro St. 353-2452

Bexar County (if applicable) 233 N. Pecos 335-6700

  • Blue Line Prints: Director: 30 copies ICL -or- 20 copies OCL.
  • Commission: 36 copies ICL - or 25 copies OCL.
  • Amending 27 copies ICL – or 20 copies OCL
  • Original & Reproducible mylar
  • 8½” X 11” reduction on bond paper.
  • Digital file
  • Recording fee .
  • Current tax certificates from city, county, & school taxing entities.

Amending Plats also require (full size copy of original plat)

  • Reviews needed before approval :
  • Letters of Review from:

AT&T 4119 Broadway 7 th flr 820-7539

Time Warner Cable 5981 Hwy. 87 E . 352-4460

Other items or reviews when applicable :

  • Letter of Agent
  • Variance request & fee if cited or administrative exception.
  • Townhouse, zero lot line, PUD legal documents (plus recording fees).
  • Reviews:
  • SAWS (Aquifer) 2800 US 281 N 233-3526
  • Asset Management 114 W Commerce 2 nd flr 207-4035
  • Aviation Dept. 9800 Airport Blvd. 207-3514
  • River Authority 211 E. Guenther 227-1373
  • Texas Dept. of Trans. 4615 N. W. Loop 410 615-5865
  • Performance Agreement (if site improvements are required)


What happens after plat approval :

Plats are recorded for public record with the County Clerk. All impact fees shall be paid prior to plat and a guarantee posted to cover any necessary site improvements prior to plat recordation. These bonds or site improvements will need to be coordinated with SAWS or Development Services, Engineering.

If you have any questions, please call for assistance at (210)-207-0121.

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