Land Entitlements - Addressing Team

Addressing Team Supervisor
Donna Camacho, Sr. Planner,
Responsible for:

  • Addressing
  • Accessory Addresses
  • Legal Descriptions
  • Suite Numbers
  • Street Renaming
(210) 207-5016

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Addressing Team:
Abelino Torres, Building Location Specialist
(210) 207-0260

Debbie Gaitan, Building Location Specialist
(210) 207-0258

Valerie Huerta, Building Location Specialist (210) 207-0259

The City of San Antonio Development Services Department Land Entitlements Section Addressing Team issues addresses within its municipal boundaries. Your address is important to us because:

  • City of San Antonio notifies 911 and all utility services of established new addresses within its municipal boundary.

  • When you call 911, the 911-dispatcher reports your address to Fire, Law Enforcement, EMS and other first responders to assist you.

  • Utility service providers (electric, gas, water, phone, and cable) use your address to know where new service/outages are located and dispatch utility crews to install/restore service as quickly as possible.

  • Daily services such as the United States Postal Service (USPS), recycle, trash pick-up, and other delivery services use your address to deliver items/goods to your location.

Addresses are assigned by using the City’s addressing grid and allowing a formula of one (1) address for every fifty (50) feet in increments of four (4) (i.e. 502, 506, 510, 514, etc.). After an address is calculated, adjustments may be made to ensure a new address assignment is within the sequence of addresses assigned over a period of time.

Please note that using an address that is different than the one assigned by the City of San Antonio may delay emergency services response time, mail delivery, and will cause delays when applying for building permits and utility services.

It is important to note that CPS Energy issues all addresses outside City limits within some incorporated areas, the Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ), and Bexar County. For further information, you may contact CPS Energy at (210) 353-2222 Residential, (210) 353-3333 Commercial, or the Accounts and Addressing Department via email at

For further information on the assignment of addresses to include building, suite, unit and apartment numbers, please refer to IB 501, Assignment of Suite Numbers, and IB 536, Process for Address Assignment and Verification. You may also obtain additional information by contacting the Addressing Team at or by phone at (210) 207-1111.

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