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Fire Code Review Team
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Development Services' Fire Protection Review Team is responsible for the evaluation of proposed new construction plans for compliance with the International Fire Code and all referenced fire protection standards as they are submitted to the City of San Antonio for the issuance of a building permit. This team also reviews design documents for fire alarm, fire sprinkler, standpipe, fire hydrant, fire main and gaseous suppression systems for the San Antonio Fire Department's Fire Prevention Division.

This team's goal is to ensure a level of life safety to the occupants of all new and existing remodeled commercial buildings, and to all first responders that must enter these facilities during a fire event, as prescribed by the adopted model codes. Staff works closely with the San Antonio Fire Department Fire Prevention Division on a daily basis to achieve this goal and to better serve the citizens of the City of San Antonio. Team members meet regularly with owners, engineers, architects and contractors to discuss and resolve issues relating to construction projects.

Organizational Charts:
Development Services Department
Building Development
Plans and Permits Section
Business Assistance Center

Department Resources:
Current Codes
Unified Development Code
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Contact Us:
Sr. Fire Protection Engineer:
Vacant   207-8056  
Fire Protection Engineering Associate:
Kevin Carr 207-8463 bio
Fire Protection Specialist (Fire Sprinkler):
Suanne Callow 207-8160 bio
Robert Velasquez, EIT 207-0137  
Fire Protection Specialist (Fire Alarm):
Robert Gobert 207-0125 bio

Forms and Applications:
Overall list
Residential Building Permit Application
Commercial Building Permit Application  
San Antonio Fire Department
Information Bulletin 192a - Occupancy Classification Letters
Information Bulletin 192b - FAQs and Definitions related to Occupancy Classification
Information Bulletin 143 - Fire Flow Tests

Fire Sprinkler Review:
Certification Option for Fire Sprinkler Plans (IB 102b)
Fire Sprinkler Permit Application and Checklist (IB 107)
Fast Track Sprinkler Permits (IB 108)
Sprinkler Modifications involving 20 heads or less (IB 109)

Fire Alarm:
Certification of Fire Alarm Plans (IB 102a)
Fire Dept policy on fire alarm wiring requirements for R-2 occupancies (IB 118)
Fire Alarm permit application and checklist (IB 122)
Fast Track fire alarm system permits (IB 123)

Fire Protection Related Code Interpretations:
Fire Code:

CI2008-001 Use of Drivable Grass Surfaces for FAARs
CI2006-005 Aerial Fire Apparatus Access Roads
CI2006-008 Platted Easements for Fire Lanes Across Lot Lines
CI2006-016 Occupant Load Rounding

Fire Alarm:
CI2006-018 Automatic Fire Alarm Requirements for Guestroom Corridors in Group R-1 Occupancies
CI2006-019 Fire Alarm Audibility Testing Requirements for Residential Occupancies
CI2006-022 Determining When Fire Alarm System Permits are Required
CI2006-023 Fire Alarm Visible Notification Appliance Intensities In Sleeping Areas CI2006-024 Protection of Fire Alarm System Control Equipment
CI2007-004 Fire Alarm Notification Appliances in Common and Employee Work Areas

Fire Sprinkler:
Miscellaneous Information Bulletins:
IB 110 - Accessing Plan Review Comments Online
IB 111 - Procedure for Submitting Responses to Plans Review Denial Comments
IB 114 - Code Modification Requests
IB 115 - Code Interpretation Requests
IB 116 - Preliminary Plan Review Meetings
IB 117 - SAFD Policy on Natural Gas Generators
IB 125 - Partial and Conditional Permits
IB 127 - Determining Occupant Load with 2006 IBC
IB 140 - Hydraulic Calculations for Automatic Sprinkler Modifications

Fire Protection Review Team Related Links:
Fee Schedule  
Development Process
DSD Code Interpretations  
Texas Board of Architectural Examiners
Texas Board of Professional Engineers 
International Code Council
National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)
Texas State Fire Marshal's Office


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