MDP 4 Heritage Park
MDP 7 The Great Northwest
MDP 8 Rain Tree
MDP 9 Stone Ridge
MDP 12 Vista by Ray Ellison
MDP 13 Sky Harbor
MDP 15 Southcross Ranch
MDP 18 Hunters Chase
MDP 19 Woods of Shavano & University Oaks
MDP 20 Encino Park
MDP 23 Northwest Crossing
MDP 24 Crystal Hill
MDP 27 Northgate Subdivision
MDP 28 Woodridge
MDP 28b Woodridge Village
MDP 29 The Great Northwest
MDP 30 San Pedro Hills
MDP 35 Richland Hills
MDP 39 Millers Point
MDP 40 Castle Hills Forest
MDP 41 Rogers West Shavano
MDP 41-A Rogers West Shavano Tract
MDP 41-B Rogers West Shavano Tract
MDP 41-C Rogers West Shavano Tract
MDP 46 Deerfield
MDP 48 The Ridge at Stone Oak
MDP 48-A Stone Oak
MDP 49 Braun Oaks
MDP 50 Churchill Estates
MDP 51 Wood Lake Duplex Unit 1
MDP 54 Oakridge Village
MDP 54a Oakridge Village
MDP 55 The Dominion
MDP 57 Wetmore Business Park
MDP 60  Westlakes
MDP 62 Oakwell Farms
MDP 64 Crown Ridge
MDP 65 Heritage Park Estates
MDP 65-A Heritage Park Estates
MDP 67 Cross Mountain Ranch
MDP 68 Fawn Meadow
MDP 72 Woodland Hills
MDP 75 University Oaks Business Park
MDP 77 Technology Park
MDP 79 Guilbeau Park
MDP 86 Hacienda Real
MDP 87 Camino Bandera
MDP 88 Misty Oaks North
MDP 90 Palo Alto Terrace
MDP 91 Spring Creek Forest
MDP 92 Hunters Chase
MDP 94 Town Centre
MDP 95 Sitterle Stone Oak
MDP 97 S & W Micron
MDP 99 Candlewood Park
MDP 100 University Business Park
MDP 101 Woodlake
MDP 102 Woodlake Park
MDP 102b Woodlake Park
MDP 102c Woodlake Park
MDP 103 Santa Fe
MDP 104 Condra
MDP 106 Neely / Vance Jackson
MDP 107 Park 410 West
MDP 107a Park 410 West
MDP 108 Afton Oaks
MDP 109 Lincoln Park
MDP 110 Westover Hills
MDP 110b Legacy Trails
MDP 110c Enclave at Westover Hills
MDP 110-D Westover Hills
MDP 111 Brauns Farm Unit 1-2-3
MDP 113 Oak Creek
MDP 115 Sterling Oaks
MDP 118 Quail Creek
MDP 118b  Oak Crest
MDP 119 Rogers Ranch
MDP 124 Richter Estates
MDP 125 Redland Oaks
MDP 127 Interchange Park
MDP 128 Mt Vernon Homesite
MDP 129 Cinnamon Hills
MDP 131 Fairways of Sonterra
MDP 132 Gold Canyon
MDP 132b Gold Canyon
MDP 133 Camino Blanco Industrial Park
MDP 134 University Park Estates
MDP 135 Bandera Exchange
MDP 136 Entex Industrial Park
MDP 140 57.463 Acre Tract
MDP 142 Pecan Valley Estates
MDP 143 Encino Forest
MDP 144 Encino Forest
MDP 145 Green Way
MDP 148 Redland Oaks
MDP 149b Alamo Downs Business Park
MDP 151 Corporate Woods Office Park
MDP 153 Interstate Business Park
MDP 154 Regents Row
MDP 157 Perrin Central
MDP 158 Escondido
MDP 160 Park Central at Interpark
MDP 162 Seltzer
MDP 163 Somerset 35 Business Park
MDP 164 Rolling Oaks Estates
MDP 165 Classen Road
MDP 166 Gateway 35
MDP 167 Villages of Westcreek
MDP 167b Villages of Westcreek
MDP 167c Villages of Westcreek
MDP 167d The Vistas of Westcreek
MDP 167e The Villages of Westcreek
MDP 168 T & D Moravits
MDP 170 Woodlake Parkway
MDP 170a Woodlake GVH
MDP 171 Cornerstone Subdivision
MDP 172 Foster Meadows
MDP 172b Foster Meadows
MDP 172-C Foster Meadows Subdivision
MDP 173 Metropolitan Business Park
MDP 173a Metropolitan Business Park
MDP 174 Braun Oaks
MDP 177 Stone Oak
MDP 177b Promontory Point 2
MDP 178 Bandera & Guilbeau Rd
MDP 179 University Row
MDP 180 Marbach Park
MDP 181 Blossom Point
MDP 182 Perrin Creek
MDP 183 Parkwood
MDP 184 Near West Mobile Home
MDP 185 The Oaks
MDP 187 New Territories
MDP 188 Arrowhead
MDP 189 Eastwood Industrial Park
MDP 191 Fountain Head
MDP 193 Ventura
MDP 194 Alamo Cement
MDP 196 San Antonio Medical Foundation
MDP 197 Old Tezel Oaks
MDP 198 Tezel Oaks
MDP 199 Cedar Springs Subdivision
MDP 200 Longs Creek & Longs Ridge
MDP 202 Babcock / Prue Rd
MDP 203 Big Country
MDP 203-A Big Country Subdivision
MDP 204 Northwest Business Park
MDP 205 The Great North West
MDP 206 Bravo Estates
MDP 208 88.73 Acre Tract
MDP 210 Crown Ridge Terrace
MDP 213 The Arion
MDP 214 Woodway Park
MDP 216 Southcross / W.W. White
MDP 217 Encino Park
MDP 219 North Hampton
MDP 223 Timber Ridge
MDP 224 The Glen in Stone Oak
MDP 225 Prue Road Extension
MDP 227 Westchase
MDP 230 Evans Road
MDP 232 Eden
MDP 233 Indian Springs Corporate Center
MDP 235 Tanglewood
MDP 236 Twin Lakes Village
MDP 237 La Cantera
MDP 237b La Cantera
MDP 237c La Cantera (The Rim)
MDP 238 Dove Creek
MDP 238-B Dove Creek Subdivision
MDP 240 Ventura
MDP 241 Pace Picante
MDP 242 Crown Center
MDP 243 Pasadena Woods
MDP 244 North Valley
MDP 245 Lord of Life Lutheran Church
MDP 246 San Antonio West Business Center
MDP 248 Woodland Hills
MDP 249 Blanco Business Park
MDP 250 British Commons
MDP 252 Trinity University
MDP 253 Crescent Oaks
MDP 254 Foster Ridge
MDP 255 Stone Oak Centre
MDP 256 Susitna
MDP 260 Braun Station
MDP 264 Woodlake Country Club Estates
MDP 267 The Summit at Stone Oak
MDP 268 Encino Park
MDP 268b The Village at Encino Park
MDP 268c Encino Park
MDP 268-D Encino Commons at Encino Park
MDP 269 Hidden Oaks
MDP 270 Oaks of Westcreek & Royal Oaks of Westcreek
MDP 270a Westcreek
MDP 270b The Hills at Westcreek
MDP 270c Westcreek Model Home Park
MDP 271 Indian Springs Ranch
MDP 272 Cedar Creek Subdivision
MDP 273 Salado Trace
MDP 274 Wild Horse Canyon
MDP 275 The Village
MDP 276 Texas Research Park
MDP 278 Huebner Road Business Park
MDP 279 Macdona Heights
MDP 280 Blanco Harwell
MDP 281 Independence Hill
MDP 282 Summit Oaks
MDP 283 Scheerin Estate Area
MDP 284 Mission Del Lago
MDP 285 Seaview
MDP 286 Kyle Seale Ranch
MDP 286b Cedar Creek South
MDP 287 Moss Brook Estates
MDP 288 San Antonio Sportsplex
MDP 289 Judson Business Park
MDP 291 Marbach Rd Commercial Site
MDP 292 Trail
MDP 294 Green Acres
MDP 296 Golden Triangle
MDP 297 San Antonio Ranch
MDP 298 Catholic Archdiocese
MDP 299 Crown Ridge
MDP 300 San Antonio International Airport
MDP 301 Bowen Moursand
MDP 302 S.W. Research Institute
MDP 303 Redland Springs
MDP 304 New World
MDP 304b Eisenhauer Rd / Woodlake Parkway
MDP 304c Rosillo Creek Crossing
MDP 304d New World
MDP 304e New World
MDP 305 Scenic Hollow
MDP 306 Ivy
MDP 307 Mathis Estates
MDP 308 Alamo Ranchettes
MDP 309 San Pedro Hills
MDP 310 Waterwood
MDP 317 Citicorp
MDP 318 Pheasant Creek
MDP 319 Bass
MDP 320 Lincoln Heights
MDP 321 Turkey Creek
MDP 322 Northwoods
MDP 323 Deerwood
MDP 325 Longs Creek
MDP 326 Countryview Village
MDP 327 Santikos
MDP 327c Santikos 281 / 1604
MDP 327d Santikos
MDP 329 Voelcker Ranch
MDP 330 Oakwood
MDP 331 Inwood Heights
MDP 332 Greystone Country Estates
MDP 333 Deerfield
MDP 334 Freeport Business Centre
MDP 335 Quail Creek Estates
MDP 337 Emerald Forest
MDP 339 Vista Del Norte Dos
MDP 340 Oakmont
MDP 341 Canyon Creek Bluffs
MDP 344 Texas Elm
MDP 345 Cedar Point
MDP 346 Vista Del Norte
MDP 347 Deerfield
MDP 348 Parktrail
MDP 349 Quail Ridge
MDP 350 Quail Heights
MDP 351 Regency Meadow
MDP 352 ; De Zavala Ten
MDP 353 Redland Woods
MDP 354 The Concourse
MDP 355 Las Lomas
MDP 356 Country Bend
MDP 357 Fiesta Trails
MDP 358 The Heights at Stone Oak
MDP 358b The Heights at Stone Oak 2
MDP 358c The Heights at Stone Oak
MDP 359a Crystal Hills
MDP 360 Pape - Thousand Oaks
MDP 360b Pape - Thousand Oaks
MDP 360c Pape - Thousand Oaks
MDP 361 Arrowhead Estates
MDP 362 The Renaissance at the Dominion
MDP 363 Hidden Oaks Estates
MDP 364 Eckhert / Huebner
MDP 365 Stonegate Hill at Westover Hills
MDP 366 The Meadows at Westover Hills
MDP 366a Brycewood
MDP 367 New Dominion Estates
MDP 368 Hart Ranch
MDP 369 Elm Springs
MDP 371 Northampton
MDP 372 Mount Arrowhead of Stone Oak
MDP 373 Woodglen
MDP 374 Braun Hollow
MDP 375 The Ridge at Deerfield
MDP 376 Hunters Hill
MDP 377 Agudas Achim
MDP 378 Finesilver 405 Acre Tract
MDP 379 Jade Oaks
MDP 380 Quail Creek
MDP 381 Country Estates
MDP 382 Parkside
MDP 383 Rogers Ranch
MDP 384 The Bluffs at Westcreek
MDP 385 The Oaklands
MDP 386 USAA 87.85 Acre Tract
MDP 387 Stonewood of Stone Oak
MDP 388 Cactus Bluff of Stone Oak
MDP 388-A Cactus Bluff of Stone Oak
MDP 389 Redland Heights
MDP 390 The Mesas of Stone Oak
MDP 390-A Mesa Grande
MDP 390b The Mesas of Stone Oak
MDP 390c The Mesas of Stone Oak
MDP 390d The Mesas of Stone Oak
MDP 390-E The Mesas of Stone Oak
MDP 391 Vistas of Encino Park
MDP 392 Cancer Therapy and Research Center
MDP 393 Elm Creek
MDP 394 Trails of Arrowhead
MDP 395 The Heights
MDP 395-A The Heights
MDP 396 Mainland Oaks
MDP 397 Knollcreek
MDP 398 Encino Creek
MDP 400 New Territories
MDP 401 Legacy Trails
MDP 402 Redland Ranch Estates
MDP 403 Ingram Festival
MDP 406 Crown Meadows
MDP 407 North Gate
MDP 408 The Oaks at Sonterra
MDP 409 Promontory Pointe
MDP 410 Palo Blanco
MDP 411 Sendero Ranch
MDP 412 Sendero Ranch
MDP 413 Braun Willow
MDP 414 Ventana Oaks
MDP 414a Ventana Oaks
MDP 415 Walden Meadows Garden Homes
MDP 416 Auburn Ridge
MDP 417 Legend Hollow
MDP 418 The Reserve at Westover Hills
MDP 418a Westover Hills
MDP 419 N.W. Quadrant IH-10 & De Zavala
MDP 421 Big Springs
MDP 421-A Big Springs
MDP 421-B Big Springs
MDP 422 27 Acres at Deerfield
MDP 423 Arion Park
MDP 424 Spring Creek Forest
MDP 424b Spring Creek Forest
MDP 424c Spring Creek Forest
MDP 425 Mount Arrowhead of Stone Oak
MDP 427 Canyon Springs Ranch
MDP 427b Canyon Valley Acre Tract
MDP 427c Summerglen
MDP 427d Summerlin
MDP 427e Laredo Springs
MDP 427f Laredo Springs
MDP 427g The Links at Canyon Springs
MDP 427h San Miguel
MDP 427-I Laredo Springs
MDP 427j The Links at Canyon Springs
MDP 427K Laredo Springs
MDP 427-M Laredo Springs-Mountain Lodge
MDP 428 Rogers Ranch
MDP 429b N.E. Service Center
MDP 430 Caliza / Encino
MDP 431 Regency Park
MDP 432 Evans / Encino
MDP 433 Remuda Ranch
MDP 435 Stone Valley
MDP 436 The Enclave
MDP 437 The Oaks of French Creek
MDP 439 Crest Ridge
MDP 440 Riata Ranch
MDP 441 Fiesta North West Crossing
MDP 441b Fiesta North West Crossing
MDP 441c Umbell Oaks
MDP 441d Fiesta Northwest Crossing
MDP 442 Sneckner Industrial
MDP 443 Schoenfeld Industrial Park
MDP 445 Royal Oaks
MDP 445b Royal Oaks
MDP 446 Bandera Heights
MDP 447 Shearer Hills
MDP 448 N.E.I.S.D.
MDP 451 1604 / Babcock Enterprise
MDP 452 Cibolo Canyon
MDP 453 Lincoln Park
MDP 454 Winter
MDP 454b Winter
MDP 455 P.M.B.
MDP 457a F.C.S. Fischer (60.91 Acre Tract)
MDP 457b F.C.S. Fischer (60.91 Acre Tract)
MDP 458 Oliver Ranch
MDP 460 Century Oaks Estates
MDP 460a Flamingo Homes
MDP 460b Century Oaks Estates
MDP 461 Adobe Walls Ranch
MDP 463 Umbell Oaks
MDP 463b Umbell Oaks
MDP 463c Umbell Oaks
MDP 463-D Umbell Oaks Subdivision
MDP 464 Creekside
MDP 466 Sendoro Ranch
MDP 466b Sendero Ranch
MDP 467 Stagecoach Run Subdivision
MDP 468 Highland Ranch
MDP 469 Chelsea Creek
MDP 470 Weidner-Schertz Business Park Unit 1
MDP 471 Wetmore
MDP 473 The Village
MDP 473a The Village
MDP 473b The Village
MDP 474 Crosswinds Business Park
MDP 474-B Crosswinds Business Park
MDP 477 Estates Of Westover Hills
MDP 479 Tamaron
MDP 479b Legend Oaks
MDP 480 The Villas of Northgate
MDP 481 The Hills of Westcreek
MDP 482 Hidden Oaks North
MDP 484 The Heights of Westcreek
MDP 484a The Heights of Westcreek
MDP 486-B Caracol Creek
MDP 487 Adobe Ranch Acres
MDP 490 Jung Road Business Park
MDP 491 Forest at Stone Oak
MDP 492 Lodge Property
MDP 492a Lodge Property
MDP 494 76 Acre Kriewald / Hwy 90
MDP 494b 76 Acre Kriewald / Hwy 90
MDP 495 Los Reyes
MDP 495a Los Reyes Canyon
MDP 497 Hickory Hollow
MDP 497a Hickory Hollow
MDP 498 Redland Ranch
MDP 499 Parkway Plaza
MDP 500 Stone Oak Meadows
MDP 501 Fund
MDP 502 Westcreek Oaks
MDP 503 Wolverine
MDP 504 Country Bend
MDP 505 The Parklands
MDP 506 Longs Ridge
MDP 507 Stevens Place
MDP 508 Hunter's Glen
MDP 510 Clayton Estates Mobile Home Park
MDP 512 Schoenfeld
MDP 513 Dolan Place 1
MDP 514 Dolan Place 2
MDP 515 Bluffview Greens
MDP 516 Arts
MDP 518 Rogers Ranch
MDP 519 Barrett Tract South
MDP 520 Villas de Esperanza
MDP 521 University Heights
MDP 522 Hausman Hills
MDP 523 Stahl Road 114 Acre Tract
MDP 524 Lockhill Selma Development
MDP 525 Wolf Hollow
MDP 527 Preston Hollow
MDP 529 The Glen at Stone Oak
MDP 530 Potranco 381
MDP 530a Potranco 381
MDP 531 Marbach Gardens
MDP 533 Creston Ridge
MDP 534 Laredo - Encino
MDP 534b Laredo - Encino
MDP 534c Miller Valley
MDP 534-D Encino Laredo
MDP 535 University Park
MDP 537 Oakridge Village
MDP 538 Rogers Ranch North
MDP 538-A Rogers Ranch
MDP 538-B Rogers Ranch
MDP 539 Steubing Estate
MDP 541 Fund
MDP 542 Pecan Valley Heights
MDP 543 Highlands Ranch
MDP 543a Highlands Ranch
MDP 544 Stone Bridge
MDP 544-A Stonebridge
MDP 544-B Stonebridge
MDP 545 Layla Oaks
MDP 546 Alamodome / Cherry Street
MDP 547 Farmview Meadows
MDP 547b Farmview Meadows
MDP 548 Finesilver
MDP 549 Leon Plant
MDP 550 Thousand Oaks
MDP 551 Woodstone Villas
MDP 552 Salsa Place
MDP 553 O'Connor 172
MDP 554 Stahl Road 25 Acre Tract
MDP 555 Green Mountain Business Park
MDP 556 Potranco / 1604
MDP 557 D & M Prue / Network
MDP 558 West Star
MDP 559 Santikos @ Bandera / 1604
MDP 560 Classen - O'Connor Road
MDP 561 Zuehl Flying Community
MDP 564 Worldcom
MDP 565 Masonwood Oaks
MDP 566 Alta Partners Business Park
MDP 567 Balcones Estates South
MDP 569 Walzem Partners Business Park
MDP 570 Mackay Ranch
MDP 573 Crestway Commercial
MDP 574 Inverness
MDP 578 Westside Place
MDP 579 Cornerstone Business Park 8
MDP 581 Callaghan 17
MDP 582 Eisenhauer Road 13.5
MDP 583 Interchange Park
MDP 584 Meadow Village
MDP 585 Methodist Health Care
MDP 586 Walzem 78 Commercial
MDP 588 Windsor Park East
MDP 589 Basse Development
MDP 590 Palo Alto 45
MDP 591 Lone Star Business Park
MDP 591a Lone Star Business Park
MDP 591b Lone Star Business Park
MDP 592 Government Hill
MDP 593 The Village Green
MDP 593a The Village Green
MDP 594 Bandera Commons
MDP 595 Prue Road
MDP 596 Timberview Place & Culebra / Reed
MDP 597 FM 1604 Lookout 112
MDP 598 Bandera / Prue
MDP 599 Riata Ranch
MDP 600 Goldtree
MDP 601 Wright Estates
MDP 602 Kenton Place
MDP 603 Woodlake Country Club Estates
MDP 604 Marbach Oaks
MDP 605 Lindsey Place
MDP 606 Redland
MDP 607 HDS - Bulverde
MDP 608 Redland Ridge
MDP 609 Patoil Corporation
MDP 610 Southside ISD Loop 1604
MDP 611 The Highlands
MDP 613 Potranco 50
MDP 614 Davenport
MDP 615 Cielo Vista Business Park
MDP 616 Champions Ridge
MDP 616b Champions Ridge
MDP 617 T/S Venture
MDP 618 Medina Valley Ranch
MDP 619 Highland Heights
MDP 619-A Highland Heights Bluff
MDP 620 Redwood Business Park
MDP 621 Remuda Ranch
MDP 622 The Reserve at Westover Hills
MDP 622b The Reserve at Westover Hills
MDP 622-F Oliver Ranch
MDP 623a Briggs Ranch
MDP 624 Marshall Ranch Commercial / Residential
MDP 624a Marshall Ranch Commercial / Residential
MDP 625 Los Cedros
MDP 626 Lindsey Place
MDP 627 Edison West
MDP 628 Bridgewood
MDP 628a Bridgewood
MDP 629 Sunset Development
MDP 630 Encino / Caliza
MDP 631 Becker Ranch Estates
MDP 632 El Sendero at Westlakes
MDP 633 Woodlake Commercial
MDP 634 Hidden Oasis
MDP 635 The Woods
MDP 636 Woodlake Center
MDP 637 The Retreat at Oakhills
MDP 639 Eisenhauer Road 21.8
MDP 640 Eisenhauer / Fratt 19
MDP 641 Lantana Crossing
MDP 642 Heights @ Helotes
MDP 643 Mirage
MDP 644 Indian Hills
MDP 645 Rockwell Village
MDP 647 Ray Ellison / Loop 410
MDP 649 Kittyhawk 31
MDP 650 Green Mountain
MDP 651 Valley Hi 14
MDP 652 Mossbrook Estates
MDP 653 Potranco 50a
MDP 654 Green Mountain 2
MDP 655 Moss Brook Estates North
MDP 656 Culebra Market Shopping Center
MDP 657 Hunter's Pond
MDP 658 Canterbury Tract
MDP 659 Evans - North Loop
MDP 659a Fossil Ridge
MDP 659b Fossil Ridge
MDP 659-C Fossil Ridge Subdivision
MDP 660 Priest Road
MDP 661 The Villas at Ingram Hills
MDP 662 Oliver Ranch
MDP 662a Oliver Ranch
MDP 662b Oliver Ranch
MDP 662c Oliver Ranch
MDP 662d Oliver Ranch
MDP 662e Oliver Ranch
MDP 663b Shadow Canyon
MDP 663-D Shadow Canyon Subdivision
MDP 664 Northwest Corridor Business Park
MDP 665 Boerne Stage Road
MDP 667 Saddle Brook Farms
MDP 668 Morton / Walker
MDP 669 Wind Gate Bluff / Wind Gate Ranch
MDP 670 Converse Heights
MDP 671 Iron Horse Canyon
MDP 671a Iron Horse Canyon
MDP 672 Carlson Park
MDP 673 Carriage Hills
MDP 673a Carriage Hills
MDP 674 Clementson Ranch
MDP 674a Clementson Ranch
MDP 675 Stablewood Farms
MDP 675a Stablewood Farms
MDP 676 Mission Park Stone Oak
MDP 677 Villas Del Sol
MDP 678 Highland Farms
MDP 679 Pulte Homes
MDP 680 Pinon Creek Subdivision
MDP 681 Springview Urban Redevelopment Project
MDP 682 Tezel Road 35
MDP 683 FCS Fischer Ltd - 9.023 Acre Tract
MDP 684 Crestwood Estates
MDP 684a Crestwood Estates
MDP 685 North Ellison Dr Tract
MDP 686 YC Partners
MDP 687 FCS Fischer Ltd - 86.73 Acre Tract
MDP 688 The Park at Vista Del Norte
MDP 689 Potranco Landing
MDP 690 Bluffview
MDP 691 O'Connor GVH
MDP 692 FCS Fischer Ltd - 86.73 Acre Tract
MDP 693 The Meadows
MDP 693a The Meadows
MDP 694 Las Ventanas Townhomes
MDP 695 Caracol Crossing
MDP 696 Fortuna
MDP 697 Rain Tree
MDP 698 The Villages of Sonterra
MDP 699 High Chaparral
MDP 700 Sonoma Ranch Subdivision
MDP 700a Sonoma Ranch
MDP 700b Sonoma Ranch
MDP 701 Westover Place
MDP 701a Westover Place
MDP 702 Leano Heights
MDP 703 Westchase 27
MDP 704 Los Caminos
MDP 705 Fox Grove
MDP 706 Steubing Estate North
MDP 706a Steubing Estate North
MDP 707 Dominion Ridge - 166.0 Acre Tract
MDP 708 Shaenfield Place
MDP 709 St Mary's Hall
MDP 710 Briggs Ranch
MDP 711 Dominion Ridge Park
MDP 712 Morton Southwest Commercial
MDP 713 Wildhorse
MDP 713a Wildhorse
MDP 714 Dominion Cottage Estates
MDP 715 Los Cedros / Harvard Tract
MDP 716 Braun Willow Three
MDP 717 West Pointe 2
MDP 718 Menn Tract
MDP 719 Southfork
MDP 719a Southfork
MDP 720 Peerman
MDP 721 De La Vega
MDP 721a De La Vega
MDP 723 Monte Viejo Subdivision
MDP 723a Monte Viejo
MDP 723-B Monte Viejo Subdivision
MDP 723-C Monte Veijo Subdivision
MDP 724 Signature Ridge
MDP 725 Westover 85 Acre Tract
MDP 725a Magnolia Heights (aka Westover 85 Acre Tract)
MDP 725b Magnolia Heights (aka Westover 85 Acre Tract)
MDP 726 Woodland Hills 1359 Acres
MDP 727 Cibolo Canyon Resort Community
MDP 728 Bowens Crossing
MDP 729 Wood Farm Commercial
MDP 730 Ventura
MDP 731 Maverick Creek
MDP 732 Legacy Oaks
MDP 733 Quail Run
MDP 734 Gran Fortaleza
MDP 734-A Gran Fortaleza Subdivision
MDP 734-B Gran Fortaleza Subdivision
MDP 735 The Meadows of Bridgewood
MDP 735a The Meadows of Bridgewood
MDP 735-B The Meadows of Bridgewood
MDP 735-C The Meadows of Bridgewood
MDP 736a Mission Creek
MDP 736-B Mission Creek Subdivision
MDP MX736 Mission Creek
MDP 737 Caroline's Corner
MDP 738 Scenic Loop Oaks
MDP 738a Scenic Loop Oaks
MDP 739 Blue Lake Estates
MDP 740 Lackland Heights
MDP 741 Cedar Creek South
MDP 741a Cedar Creek South
MDP 742 Santa Fe
MDP 743 Talley Road 233
MDP 743-A Tally Road 223
MDP 744 The Springs at Boerne Stage
MDP 744a The Springs at Boerne Stage
MDP 744-B The Spring at Boerne Stage Rd
MDP 745 Rosillo Crossing
MDP 746 La Ventana
MDP 746-A La Ventana
MDP 747 Hunt Crossing
MDP 747a Hunt Crossing
MDP 748 Park Place
MDP 748-A Park Place Phase 2
MDP 748-B Park Place Phase 2
MDP 749 Indian Springs
MDP 749a Indian Springs
MDP 750 Monterrey Village
MDP 750a Monterrey Village
MDP 750-B Monterrey Village Subdivision
MDP 751 Woodlake Farms Ranch
MDP 751a Woodlake Farms Ranch
MDP 752 Cheyenne Valley
MDP 753 Villas of Westcreek
MDP 754 Victoria Courts
MDP 754a Victoria Commons
MDP 754-B Victoria Commons
MDP 755 The Great Northwest
MDP 756 Hallie Heights
MDP 756-A Hallie Heights Subdivision
MDP 757 River Mist / Woller Ranch
MDP 757-A River Mist-Woller Ranch
MDP 758 Freedom Hill (TIF)
MDP 759 Escondido Creek
MDP 759a Escondido Creek
MDP 760 Rolling Meadows
MDP 760-A Rolling Meadows
MDP 760-B Rolling Meadows
MDP 761 Laurel Canyon
MDP 761-A Laurel Canyon Subdivision
MDP 761-B Laurel Canyon Subdivision
MDP 762 Westover Valley
MDP 762-A Westover Valley Subdivision
MDP 763 Woodlake Meadows
MDP 764 Cavalo Ranch
MDP 765 Naegelin Tract
MDP 766 Canyon Ranch
MDP 766a Canyon Ranch
MDP 767 The Park at University Hills
MDP 767a The Park at University Hills
MDP 767-B The Park at University Hills Subdivision
MDP 768 Miller Ranch
MDP 769 Great Northwest Shopping Center
MDP 770 Champions Park
MDP 771 Wolf Creek
MDP 771-A Wolf Creek Subdivision
MDP 772 Creamer
MDP 773 Culebra Creek
MDP 773-A Culebra Creek
MDP 774 Inwood Place
MDP 775 Walnut Pass at Boerne Stage
MDP 776 Heather's Cove (TIF)
MDP 776a Heather's Cove
MDP 777 Stevens Ranch
MDP 777-A Wissman Tract
MDP 777-B Wissman Tract
MDP 777-D Wissman Tract
MDP 778 Trophy Ridge
MDP 779 Red Robin
MDP 780 Highland Farms 3
MDP 780-A Highland Farms III
MDP 780-B Highland Farms III
MDP 781 Lomas Verdes
MDP 782 The Villages at Stone Oak
MDP 783 Chestnut Springs
MDP 783-A Chestnut Springs Subdivision
MDP 783-B Chestnut Springs Subdivision
MDP 784 Fuentes Property
MDP 785 Champions Village (aka Harrison Tract)
MDP 786 Church Addition
MDP 787 Hillcrest
MDP 787-A Hillcrest
MDP 787-B Hillcrest
MDP 788 Kingborough Village
MDP 789 Valley View
MDP 789-A Valley View Subdivision
MDP 789-B Valley View Subdivision
MDP 790 Monticello Ranch
MDP 790-A Monticello Ranch Subdivision
MDP 790-B Monticello Ranch Subdivision
MDP 790-C Monticello Ranch Subdivision
MDP 791 Seale 351.25 Acre Tract
MDP 791a Seale Tract 351.25 Acre Tract
MDP 791-B Seale 351.25 Acre Tract
MDP 792 Culebra Creek 2
MDP 792-A Culebra Creek II
MDP 792-B Culebra Creek II
MDP 793-A South Port Triangle
MDP 793 South Port Triangle
MDP 794 Southton Village
MDP 795 The Enclave at Lakeside
MDP 795-A The Enclave at Lakeside
MDP 796 The Park @ French Creek
MDP 797 Anaqua Springs
MDP 797-A Anaqua Springs Ranch
MDP 797-B Anaqua Springs Ranch
MDP 798 Vista Point
MDP 798-A Vista Point Subdivision
MDP 799 Westcreek GVH
MDP 800 Grandview
MDP 800-A Grandview Subdivision
MDP 801 Hunter's Pond
MDP 801-A Hunters Pond Subdivision
MDP 801-B Hunters Pond Subdivision
MDP 802 Friesenhahn
MDP 802-A Friesenhahn
MDP 802-B Friesenhahn
MDP 803 Felder Tract
MDP 803-A Felder Tract
MDP 804 Solana Ridge
MDP 804-A Solana Ridge Subdivision
MDP 805 Potranco 126.34 Acre Tract
MDP 805-A Potranco 126.34 Acre Tract
MDP 806 The Boulders at Canyon Springs
MDP 806-A The Boulders of Canyon Springs
MDP 806-B The Boulders at Canyon Springs
MDP 807 Brooks City Base
MDP 808 Alamo Ranch and Westwinds
MDP 808-A Alamo Ranch
MDP 808-B Alamo Ranch
MDP 808-C Westwinds
MDP 808-D Alamo Ranch
MDP 808-E Westwinds
MDP 808-F Alamo Ranch
MDP 809 Beckroad Estates
MDP 810 Southwest Business & Technology Park
MDP 811 Nichols Creek Commercial
MDP 812 Binz-Engleman
MDP 813 North Pointe
MDP 813-A North Point Subdivision
MDP 814 Two Creeks
MDP 814-A Two Creeks Subdivision
MDP 814-B Two Creeks Subdivision
MDP 815 Southwest Research Institute
MDP 816 Canyon Ranch Estates
MDP 817 Bitters Point Villas
MDP 818 Historic Gardens
MDP 819 Belterra Subdivision
MDP 820 Sundance
MDP 820-A Sundance Subdivision
MDP 820-B Sundance Subdivision
MDP 821 Stonewall Estates
MDP 822 Lost Creek I
MDP 822-A Lost Creek I
MDP 823 Bass Ranch
MDP 823-A Willis Ranch
MDP 824 Kinder Ranch
MDP 824-A Kinder Ranch
MDP 825 Limestone Ranch
MDP 826 Wildhorse Vista
MDP 827 Babcock Road 165
MDP 827-A Babcock Road 165
MDP 828 Lost Creek III
MDP 828-A Lost Creek III
MDP 828-B Lost Creek III
MDP 828-C Lost Creek III
MDP 829 Lost Creek IV
MDP 830 Pioneer Industrial
MDP 831 Pioneer Commercial
MDP 832 Pioneer Business Park
MDP 833 Birdwell - Stone Oak
MDP 834 The Village at Quarry Market
MDP 835 Cedar Creek
MDP 835A Sonoma Verde
MDP 835-B Sonoma Verde
MDP 836 Lakeview
MDP 837 Pioneer Meadows
MDP 838 Kallison Ranch
MDP 839 Pioneer Glen
MDP 840 Culebra Valley Ranch
MDP 840-A Culebra Valley Ranch
MDP 840-B Culebra Valley Ranch
MDP 841 South Port Industrial Park
MDP 842 Redbird Ranch
MDP 842-A Redbird Ranch Subdivision
MDP 846 Weston Oaks
MDP 847 Tuscan Oaks
MDP 848 Moos Tract
MDP 848-A Moos Tract
MDP 852 Moretti
MDP 853 Tuscan Ridge
MDP 856 Wind Gate at Kallison Ranch
MDP 857 Canyon Crossing
MDP 857-A Canyon Crossing
MDP 858 Luckey Ranch
MDP 859 FCS Fischer 86.73 Acre Tract
MDP 863 Copper Ridge
MDP 864 Village at Stone Oak
MDP 865 Saddle Mountain at Stone Oak
MDP 867 Irvin 182.03 Acre Tract
MDP 867-A Sable Chase
MDP 868 Sonoma Subdivision
MDP 868A Escondido North Subdivision
MDP 869 The Enclave at Hausman
MDP 870 Galm Road 73.948 Acres
MDP 870-A Laura Heights
MDP 870-B Laura Heights
MDP 871 Masterson 335
MDP 872 Babcock / Luskey Tract
MDP 872-A Babcock-Luskey Tract
MDP 875 New Sulphur Springs
MDP 875-A Sulphur Springs Subdivision
MDP 003-06 West Point Gardens
MDP 004-06 Triana
MDP 004A-06 Triana
MDP 004B-06 Triana
MDP 005-06 Palo Alto Trails
MDP 005A-06 Palo Alto Trails
MDP 006-06 Huebner Square Townhomes
MDP 007-06 Gordons Grove
MDP 009-06 Cardinal Meadows Subdivision
MDP 010-06 Persyn Tract
MDP 011-06 Two Creeks North
MDP 012-06 412.85 Acre Tract at IH 10 and Camp Bullis
MDP 012A-06 412.85 Acre Tract at IH 10 and Camp Bullis
MDP 012B-06 412.85 Acre Tract Tract at IH 10 and Camp Bullis
MDP 013-06 Pfeiffer Tract
MDP 013-06 Pfeiffer Tract
MDP 013A-06 Ridge Creek
MDP 014-06 Abdo West Commercial Tract
MDP 015-06 Abdo East Commercial Tract
MDP 016-06 Medina Springs
MDP 019-06 Silverado Hills II
MDP 020-06 Pfeiffer-Lee Tract
MDP 021-06 Steubing-Babcock Rd
MDP 022-06 New Prue Rd
MDP 022A-06 New Prue Rd
MDP 024-06 Silvarado Subdivision
MDP 025-06 Villas Del Sol
MDP 026-06 Rialto Village
MDP 028-06 Sundance Ranch Subdivision
MDP 028A-06 Sundance Ranch Subdivision
MDP 030-06 Potranco Subdivision
MDP 030A-06 Potranco Subdivision
MDP 031-06 Tradesman Quarry
MDP 032-06 Sinclair Tract
MDP 033-06 Freedom Hills Subdivision
MDP 034-06 US HWY South of Borgfeld
MDP 035-06 Foster Ridge II
MDP 036-06 River Rock Ranch
MDP 038-06 Amber Creek
MDP 039-06 Dym Tract
MDP 039A-06 Highland Estates
MDP 040-06 Gibson Tract
MDP 041-06 Arthur Tract
MDP 042-06 IH 10 and Utex
MDP 044-06 Settlers Ridge
MDP 045-06 Marbach Village Subdivision
MDP 046-06 American Lotus Subdivision
MDP 049-06 Carmona Hills
MDP 049A-06 Carmona Hills
MDP 051-06 North Rim
MDP 001-07 The Parc Escondido
MDP 001A-07 The Parc Escondido
MDP 002-07 Southton Park
MDP 002-07A Southton Park
MDP 002-07B Southern Park
MDP 003-07 Presidio Heights
MDP 003A-07 Presidio Heights
MDP 005-07 Falcon Landing
MDP 006-07 Grissom Road Business Park
MDP 007-07 Urbana Norte
MDP 008-07 Notting Hill Subdivision
MDP 009-07 Parkside Village
MDP 009A-07 Parkside Village
MDP 010-07 Tres Laurels
MDP 011-07 Mallory Tract
MDP 012-07 Tausch Farms
MDP 013-07 Balcones Creek Subdivision
MDP 014-07 Lazy M Ranch Subdivision
MDP 014A-07 Rising Moon Subdivision
MDP 015-07 Quiet Creek
MDP 016-07 Lakeview Ranch Subdivision
MDP 017-07 Alamo Ranch Town Center
MDP 019-07 Speedway Business Park
MDP 019A-07 Speedway Business Park
MDP 020-07 Westover Hills Transit Service Center
MDP 021-07 Sanctuary
MDP 022-07 Potranco Market
MDP 023-07 Cantera Hills
MDP 025-07 Point Vista Subdivision
MDP 026-07 Howell
MDP 026A-07 Howell
MDP 027-07 Haby Tract
MDP 029-07 Johnson 328
MDP 030-07 Madison Market
MDP 031-07 Espada Conservation Subdivision
MDP 032-07 South Park Commons
MDP 034-07 The Preserve at Medina River
MDP 034A-07 The Preserve at Medina River
MDP 035-07 Hills at Boerne Stage II
MDP 036-07 North Park Toyota008
MDP 001-08 Oak Island
MDP 007-08 Schneider Tract
MDP 009-08 Bulverde Newton Tract
MDP 010-08 Verano South
MDP 011-08 Verano
MDP 012-08 Stonehill
MDP 014-08 Bulverde Market
MDP 015-08 City Base West
MDP 016-08 Moretti
MDP 017-08 Paloma Subdivision
MDP 021-08 The Orchard
MDP 022-08 Longhorn Quarry
MDP 024-08 Port of San Antono
MDP 025-08 Steubing Ranch
MDP 026-08 Pearl Brewery
MDP 027-08 Provident Centre
MDP 004-09 J.C Pace, LTD
MDP 08-06-01 The Landmark
MPCD 04-03-001 Heritage Oaks
MPCD 04-03-001A Heritage Oaks
MPCD 04-03-001B Heritage Oaks
MPCD 06-04-001 Wereldhave USA Development
MPCD 07-08-001 Monterrey Village
MPCD 08-06-002 Kamary Commons
MDP 2005-834-0 Base Village at Quarry Market