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As part of Field Services Section of the DSD Building Development Division, the School Team is responsible for the plans review and inspection of projects that fall under the scope of the City's Interlocal Agreement with twelve (12) Public Education Districts. This Interlocal Agreement between the City of San Antonio and the twelve (12) Public Education Districts was approved by City Council on May 16, 2004. The twelve (12) Public Education Districts that are included in the interlocal agreement, and therefore whose projects the School Team is responsible for, include the following:

i Alamo Community College District
i Alamo Heights Independent School District
i East Central Independent School District
i Edgewood Independent School District
i Harlandale Independent School District
i Judson Independent School District
i North East Independent School District
i Northside Independent School District
i San Antonio Independent School District
i South San Antonio Independent School District
i Southside Independent School District
i Southwest Independent School District

i 2009 Interlocal Agreement

The School Team, along with other DSD Building Development staff, coordinates and performs intake, plans review, permitting, inspection and issuance of Certificate of Occupancy of those projects for the participating school districts. From preliminary plan review meetings to the issuance of Certificate of Occupancy, the School Team is an integral part of the design and construction team for these School District projects. This collective cooperation between COSA DSD and the twelve (12) School Districts is intended to achieve the goals of expediting development service processes and maximizing use of tax dollars for the benefit of both parties.

Is the plans review and permitting process for School District projects under the School Team different than that for non-School District projects?
The School Team is a part of the Plans and Permits Section of Development Services. Therefore, the overall procedures for plans review, permitting, inspection and issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy are generally the same as those projects that do not fall under the responsibility of the School Team. However, there are a few important differences that have been established by City ordinance (in the form of the City Council approved Interlocal Agreement) and DSD to expedite the development service processes and maximize the use of tax dollars for the benefit of the City and the School Districts. These key differences are listed below.

1. Required Preliminary Plans Review Meetings - All new construction and major renovations require a Preliminary Plan Review (PPR) meeting. "Major renovations" are defined as school projects that are Valuated at $50,000 or more. This is different from non-School District projects due to the fact that these meetings are required for School District projects rather than offered as a voluntary service which is the case for non-School District projects.

PPR meetings allow the owner and/or owner's agent(s) to meet with the School DSD staff to discuss preliminary design and/or construction issues. These meetings are essential to expediting the design, plans review and permitting process by assisting the owner, design team and DSD staff identify items that need to be addressed or modified before construction plans are submitted to the City for permit review. Please refer to DSD Information Bulletin No. 116 for the department's PPR procedures.

2. Intake Appointments - All School District projects that are to be submitted to DSD for plans review and permitting are recommended to be submitted via an Intake Appointment. Please call one of the School Team members (see contact information below) to schedule an Intake Appointment. Coordination and communication by the Owner and/or Design Team and the School Team will accomplish a date and time.

3. Modified plans review goals - The projects that are processed, reviewed and permitted through the School Team have expedited turnaround goals and commitments due to the staff dedicated to this team as outlined in the Interlocal Agreement. These are as follows:
-  Plan review for new construction shall be completed in 30 calendar days;
-  Plan review for interior finish out shall be completed in 15 calendar days; and
- Plan review for portable and commercial buildings shall be completed in 5 
   calendar days.

Can a school project not owned by one of the twelve (12) School Districts listed above be processed through the School Team? No. The School Team is dedicated to those projects that fall under the twelve (12) School Districts included in the Interlocal Agreement.

Organizational Charts:
Development Services Department
Building Development
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Contact Us:

Engineer (School Team)
Crystal Kastner, P.E.       207-4681    

Sr. Building Inspector
James (Al) Niebruegge, Jr.
James (Al)
Niebruegge, Jr.   207-0165

Sr. Mechanical Inspector
Jesse Solis
Jesse Solis    207-0136

Sr. Plumbing Inspector
Manuel Rodriguez
Manuel Rodriguez  207-0041

Sr. Electrical Inspector
Jesus Castillo   207-0026

Sr. Plans Examiner (Tree/Landscape/Irrigation)
Toby Bowman    207-6045

Plans Coordinator
Rosario Munoz  207-0146

Forms and Applications:
Overall list
Residential Building Permit Application
Commercial Building Permit Application  

Information Bulletins:
Overall list  
IB 103 - Plan Review Submittal (Commercial Checklist)
IB 110 - Accessing Plan Review Comments Online
IB 111 - Procedure for Submitting Responses to Plans Review Denial Comments IB 114 - Code Modification Requests
IB 115 - Code Interpretation Requests
IB 116 - Preliminary Plan Review Meetings
IB 124 - Administrative Exception Variance Request Procedures
IB 125 - Partial and Conditional Permits

School Project Resources:
School District Plan Review Guidelines (under construction)
Copy of Interlocal Agreement
School Team Contacts (PDF)

Department Resources:
Current Codes
Unified Development Code
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