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Administrative Directives

Following are links to the City of San Antonio’s Administrative Directives for City employees. The files are in PDF format. In order to view or print any of the directives, you will need to download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Updated October 2014


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Attendance 4.2 Workplace Attendance*
Attendance 4.20 Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993*
Attendance 4.60 Inclement Weather*
Discipline 4.11 Coaching and Discipline
Drug Policies 4.3 Alcohol and Controlled Substances*
Drug Policies 4.79 Use of Intoxicants*
Drug Policies 4.79A Post-Accident Alcohol and Drug Testing*
Post-Accident Alcohol and Drug Test Procedures*
Employment 4.44 Municipal Civil Service Rule VIII, Section 1(c)
(Policy on Nepotism)
Employment 4.47 Outside Employment*
Employment 4.55 Criminal Background Checks for Employment*
Employment 4.56 Probationary Employees
Employment 4.62 Reasonable Accommodations for Disabled Applicants and Employees
Equal Employment Opportunity 4.67 Equal Employment Opportunity/Anti-Harassment*
Equal Employment Opportunity 4.67 Equal Employment Opportunity/Anti-Harassment (Spanish Version)
Fraud, Waste, & Abuse 1.75 Fraud, Waste and Abuse Policy*  
Grievance 4.26 Grievance Procedures*
Politics 1.2 Political Activity*
Workplace Violence 4.80 Violence in the Workplace*
Violence in the Workplace - Attachment
Workplace Wellness 4.15 Workplace Milk Expression for Breastfeeding Employees
Workplace Wellness 4.65 Tobacco-Free Workplace*
Worksite Access 4.45 Worksite Access for Non-City Sponsored Business  
Risk Management & Safety 1.8 Vehicle Use
Risk Management & Safety 4.0 Accident Prevention / Loss
Risk Management & Safety 4.1 Accidents and Injuries (Reporting)
Risk Management & Safety 4.8 City Driver Evaluation
Risk Management & Safety 4.19 Fire Prevention/Protection Program
Risk Management & Safety 4.24 Reporting Arrests, Indictments, and Convictions*
Risk Management & Safety 4.30 Hazardous Chemical Program
Risk Management & Safety 4.37 Light-Duty Program
Risk Management & Safety 4.46 Protective Equipment
Risk Management & Safety 4.84 Workers' Compensation
Benefits 4.77 Tuition Assistance Program
Tuition Assistance Program Application*
Classification & Compensation 4.13C Overtime Compensation under the Fair Labor Standards Act*
Classification & Compensation 4.13D Shift Differential Pay
Classification & Compensation 4.28 Higher Classification Pay
Classification & Compensation 4.38 Language Skills Pay
Leave 4.4 Leave Administration*
Leave 4.18 Disability Plan
Payroll 4.75 Timeclocks*
Finance 8.1 Cash Handling*
Finance 8.2 Criminal History Background Checks for Cash Handling Positions*
Finance 8.3 Accounts Payable 
Finance 8.4 Financial Management of Accounts Receivable
Finance 8.5 Petty Cash*
Finance 8.6 Correction Payment (Overpayment/Underpayment)*
Finance 8.7 Financial Management of Capital Assets and Tracked Property
Finance 8.8 Donations/Contributions*
Finance 8.9 Financial Management of Capital Projects
Finance 8.10 Financial Management for Grants*
Finance 8.11 Financial Management of Surety Documents (bid/proposal guarantees, performance guarantees or payment bonds)
Finance 8.12 General Accounting Requirements and Timelines
Finance 8.32 Acceptable Use of City Funds*
Purchasing 1.6 Purchasing
Purchasing 1.10 Standards for Office Space, Furniture and Equipment
Purchasing 1.61 Purchasing Protest Procedures  
Purchasing 1.62 Procurement Ethics
Sustainability 9.1 Recycling Participation
Sustainability 9.2 Environmentally Preferred Purchasing Policy
Travel 8.31 Travel
City Council 1.73 Scheduling Items For City Council Consideration
Communications 1.31 Open Records (Texas Public Information Act)
Communications 6.14 City of San Antonio Communications Policy
City of San Antonio Communications Manual
Records Management 1.34 Paper, Microfilm, and Electronic Records Management  
Technology Policies 5.5 Cable Television Connections 
Technology Policies 6.15 Social Media Policy
Social Media Policy Request Form: Print Version
Technology Policies 7.2 Microcomputer Policies and Procedures
Technology Policies 7.3A Data Security
Data Security Training Slides
Technology Policies 7.4A Acceptable Use of Information Technology
Acceptable Use of Information Technology Training Slides
Technology Policies 7.5A Establishing IT-Related Directives
Technology Policies 7.7.1 SAP Technology Standardization 
Technology Policies 7.8D Access Control
Access Control Training Slides
Technology Policies 7.9 Mobile Phone Policy

* Administrative Directives discussed during Administrative Directives training for new employees.