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Class and Compensation Group PhotoThe Human Resources Department’s Classification and Compensation Division conducts market research to determine competitiveness and employee equity through maintenance of a fair classification and compensation system in an effort to provide equitable compensation that attracts and retains competent, qualified employees at all levels.  
The Division also monitors and offers guidance in the administration of the Employee Performance and Development (EPDP) System, which better links employee performance with organization mission and goals and coordinates the City’s performance pay process.

FY 2014 Employee Compensation
Those employees on the Step Pay Plan with date-of-rank anniversaries between October—December 2013, will receive their annual step increase on their anniversary date. Remaining employees on the Step Pay Plan will receive their annual step increase on January 1, 2014. In future years, all step increases will occur on January 1. Those employees who are at step 10 as of October 1 will be provided a one-time payment of $300 (pre-tax) in January. Managers and professionals are not eligible for Step increases, but those employees hired before April 2013 will have the opportunity to earn performance pay in 2014. The Budget includes an allocation equivalent to 3% of salaries for performance pay.

Step Plan 0-9 (October 2013 - December 2013 Anniversary)
Step Increase on Date-of-Rank Anniversary
Step Plan 0-9 (January 2014 or Later Anniversary)
Step Increase on January 1
Step Plan 10
$300 One-time Payment in January
Performance Pay-Eligible
Performance Pay-Eligible
Performance Pay-Eligible