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Training TeamThe Human Capital Management Division of the Human Resources Department is charged with providing training and facilitation services to the City of San Antonio's approximately 40 departments and offices. EOD provides two basic types of services: training and education programs and internal consulting and facilitation services. The division’s mission is to coordinate and develop employee education and development initiatives, including customized training through the ACCD Interlocal Agreement to maintain a highly skilled and competent workforce, develop specific leadership initiatives to build upon and improve management and supervisory practices, knowledge and skills.

Training and education programs include 1) Workplace Performance (Supervisor training), 2) the Train-the-Trainer Program, 3) basic Microsoft Office and SAP computer training and other basic and advanced training. Internal consulting and facilitation services include 1) organizational development activities, 2) developing productive work teams, and 3) facilitating strategic planning for departments.

The EOD Division is also responsible for coordinating training contracts with the Alamo Community College District (ACCD) and other training consultants. Training provided by ACCD includes Business Writing, Conflict Resolution, Leading Change, and many other courses to improve the City’s workforce.