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Affirmative Action is about equal opportunities and established objectives.  It is not a quota system or one of mandates or set asides for a specific ethnicity, race or gender. It attempts to facilitate equal opportunity through goal-oriented initiatives that focus on areas of the City workforce in which minorities and women have been historically underutilized. It does not advocate the employment or retention or under qualified Individuals to achieve objectives.

Voluntary Affirmative Action Plan
The City of San Antonio has a strong commitment to diversity and nondiscrimination in the hiring of applicants and promoting of employees in the pursuit of equal employment opportunity, having implemented its first Affirmative Action Plan in 1974. The City’s Affirmative Action Plan, which is a voluntary plan, was last updated and adopted by the City Council on May 10, 2007.

The Voluntary Affirmative Action Plan addresses the following:
1. Scope of our labor market and availability of females and minorities in that labor market (Labor Force Availability Analysis);
2. Number of females and minorities currently in our workforce (Workforce Composition);
3. Workforce Composition to reflect at least 80% of what is available in the relevant labor market
(Utilization Analysis); and
4. Hires needed to reflect at least 80% availability in the relevant labor market (Hiring Opportunities).

The strategies utilized by the City include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Review city departmental hiring practices against hiring objectives
  • Review existing affirmative action policies as needed
  • Identify areas of policy and practice in need of affirmative action and review
  • Recommend changes to existing policies and creation of new initiatives
  • Identify methods to disseminate information about affirmative action
  • Promote strategies to increase diversity
  • Monitor results of outcomes in cases dealing with affirmative action issues

Liaison: Heidi Kluber, (210) 207-8726
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CLEM PEREZ District 1 02/06/2014 05/31/2015
SHIRLEY ELLIS District 2 11/07/2013 05/31/2015
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ANTHONY ROGERS District 4 06/17/2010 05/31/13
VACANT District 5    
CARL CHRISTOPHER HANEL District 6 02/02/2012 05/31/2015
NORA MURDOCK - CHAIR District 7 10/08/2009 05/31/2013
RYAN PFLIPSEN - VICE-CHAIR District 8 03/08/2012 05/31/2013
LATONYA CARRAWAY District 9 10/03/2013 05/31/2015
LAWRENCE SCOTT District 10 08/29/2013 05/31/2015
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