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Affirmative Action

Diversity PhotoThe City of San Antonio is committed to efforts of ensuring
non-discrimination in the recruitment, hiring and promoting of employees. All employees are held accountable for ensuring equal opportunity in the consideration of all employment decisions.

The City’s Affirmative Action Plan is a voluntary plan, which is continuously updated as new U.S. Census data is released. This voluntary Affirmative Action Plan reaffirms our efforts of employing a workforce that is reflective of our community and facilitates
goal-oriented initiatives that focus on areas of the workforce in which minorities and women have been historically employed at a rate less than their availability in the labor market.

If you have any questions regarding the Committee or the City’s Affirmative Action Plan, please contact Heidi Kluber at (210) 207-8726.

Liaison: Heidi Kluber, (210) 207-8726
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Appointed Date

Date Expires

CLEM PEREZ District 1 02/06/2014 05/31/2015
SHIRLEY ELLIS District 2 11/07/2013 05/31/2015
BRADLEY VELOZ District 3 03/20/2014 05/31/2015
ANTHONY ROGERS District 4 06/17/2010 05/31/2015
VACANT District 5    
CARL CHRISTOPHER HANEL District 6 02/02/2012 05/31/2015
VACANT District 7    
RYAN PFLIPSEN - VICE-CHAIR District 8 03/08/2012 05/31/2015
LATONYA CARRAWAY District 9 10/03/2013 05/31/2015
DANIELLE CUNNINGHAM District 10 06/19/2014 05/31/2015
DORINDA ROLLE Mayoral 06/26/2014 05/31/2015