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Office of Municipal Integrity

Fraud Prevention PhotoThe City of San Antonio's Office of Municipal Integrity governs the conduct of all City employees, vendors, consultants, contractors, and other outside parties doing business with the City of San Antonio and ensures compliance with principles of professionalism.

The Office of Municipal Integrity investigates allegations of misconduct including fraud, waste or abuse and provides guidance to City departments for prevention, detection, and correction of employee misconduct.

How to Report Fraud, Waste, or Abuse
Fraud is any dishonest or fraudulent act or deliberate wrongful course of action practiced to secure an unfair or unlawful gain. The key elements of fraud include intent, reliance on misrepresentation of the truth, and that something of value was obtained as a result. This may include forgery, theft, alteration of documents, misappropriation of funds, and accepting anything of value from vendors or persons for personal gain. Waste refers to the unnecessary incurring of costs as a result of inefficient practices, systems, or controls. Abuse includes violations and circumventions of departmental regulations.

To report an incident of fraud, waste, or abuse, please call the Fraud Hotline at 207-CLUE (2583). Anonymous calls do not allow investigators to ask future questions, so if you leave an anonymous message, please be as detailed as possible. Whatever you do, please do not conduct your own investigation.

Fraud Hotline: (210) 207-CLUE (2583)