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Municipal Civil Service Commission

Municipal Service CommissionThe Commission is composed of three regular members and three alternate members appointed by the City Council for two-year terms. Member shall be a qualified elector of the City. The Commission hears appeals regarding municipal employee suspensions, reductions or removals, and investigates personnel administration of the City as needed. Members are compensated for their services as determined in advance by the City Council. Meetings are held twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday at 9:00 AM at 111 Soledad. Meeting duration varies from one hour to eight hours depending on agenda.

Liaison: Charles Kesl, (210) 207-4437
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Municipal Civil Service Rules of the City of San Antonio



Appointed Date

Date Expires

DELIA TRIMBLE - VICE-CHAIR At Large 03/04/2010 03/03/2012*
JOSEPH S. TARTELL - CHAIR At Large 03/13/2005 03/03/2012*
LEE WINGERT At Large 06/24/2010 03/03/2012*
RICHARD "NICK" A. LEE At Large 05/03/2007 03/03/2012*
VACANT At Large    
VACANT At Large    

Total Members for Municipal Civil Service Commission: 6

*Members are in holdover status pending reappointment.