Kevin Goodwin
Interim Chief Technology Officer

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The Information Technology Services Department (ITSD) provides information technology (IT) services, 24 hours a day, seven days a week to all City departments and other agencies through information and technology sharing agreements. ITSD is organized as a strongly centralized IT function that provides leadership, vision and support for all technology functions and builds information systems around good business practices that reflect the mission and goals of City departments, the City of San Antonio and the citizens it serves.

ITSD manages the technical architecture of the City of San Antonio, serving as the operational arm and the technical filter of the City’s information technology activity. We recognize that meaningful technology objectives can only be formulated after business principles and goals are clearly defined. Information technology is very much a part of the core business of the City. We help departments understand that they are not just implementing technology, they are implementing change. We provide resources, systems and services that are critical to the City and will support the users of these resources in a way that ensures reliability, dependability, usability and a high standard of service. It also plays a primary role in working with city departments to identify and implement new IT uses which support their business processes and provide value to their customers. We work with other city departments as partners to achieve value and benefits for the City of San Antonio.

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