Kevin Goodwin
Interim Chief Technology Officer

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Policies and Standards

The Information Technology Services Department establishes and documents guidelines for technology uniformity throughout the organization.

  • Application Development - governs the processes and programming tools used to create programs or software products for the City.
  • Customer Support - governs the department’s interaction with its customers for their immediate benefit, including components such as the management of the service desk.
  • Data and Database - governs all information content related to City business that exists in electronic or digital form including the systems and software used to store and organize this information.
  • Hardware and Infrastructure - governs the physical aspect of computers and other devices as well as everything used to interconnect computers and users.
  • ITSD Administrations - governs the management and operation of the City’s information technology services department.
  • Off the Shelf Software - governs the applications that are ready-made and available for sale either to a company or to the public.
  • Policies (General) - rules and guidelines that do not align with the other specific policy domains.