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South San Antonio Limited Purpose Annexation

South San Antonio Limited Purpose Annexation

Update: The CSMA Effectiveness Study Implementation Task Force has completed their review of the future land use map and the zoning in the former-CSMA area in the south side of San Antonio and has recommended the following changes:

  1. Proposed future land use map (Map 1, Map 2)
  2. Proposed zoning change map (Map 1, Map 2)
  3. Proposed UDC amendment package
  4. Timeline

You may explore the proposed land use and zoning changes through this interactive map application. – City South Land Use Plan & Zoning Update

Thank you to all stakeholders who participated in this process. Questions and comments may be referred to the staff listed on the left of this web page.

City Council approved the South San Antonio Limited Purpose Annexation on January 9, 2014, and it becomes effective on January 19, 2014. The area annexed by Council action that adds 19 square miles to the City Limits is depicted on the map below:

City Council also approved 152 development agreements for non-annexation, related to properties with agricultural valuation and Southwest Independent School District which are depicted on the map below: