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Accessible Pedestrian Signals

What are APS? Accessible pedestrian signals (APS) provides audible and/or vibrotactile information coinciding with visual pedestrian signals to let pedestrians who are blind know precisely when the WALK interval begins. This information is useful in analyzing an intersection and preparing to cross. Pedestrians who know when the crossing interval begins will be able to start a crossing before turning cars enter the Intersection and can complete a crossing with less delay. Audible signals can also provide directional guidance, which is particularly useful at non-perpendicular intersections and at wide multi-lane crossings. (US Access Board)
There are currently 75 APS in San Antonio, and the city continues to work to place more APS at busy intersections.
An APS Unit

Accessible Pedestrian Signals Installed from 2006 - 2011
in San Antonio, Texas - 75 Locations

Map showing APS locations throughout the City of San Antonio

Accessible Pedestrian Signals Installed
in Downtown San Antonio, Texas - 15 Locations

Map showing APS Locations in the downtown Central Business District

Accessible Pedestrian Signals Installed in Some Other Cities

Austin: The city has 15 APS and are in the process of surveying other locations for more devices.

El Paso: The city currently has 33 APS in the city, 2 in the downtown area and the majority surrounding the hospital district. There are currently plans to place 13 more APS.

Houston: There are approximately 60-70 intersections with APS in the city. There are none at this time in the downtown area, but there are 10 in the Midtown section.


Alexandria , VA 50
Atlanta , GA 25
Bakersfield , CA 9
Boston , MA 80
Cambridge , MA 24
Charlotte , NC 40
Kansas City , MO 20
New York City , NY (and 4 Burroughs) 46
Portland , OR 127
San Francisco , CA 124
Seattle , WA 102
St. Paul , MN 22
Tempe , AZ 28
Yuba City , CA 36
Ottawa , Canada 452
Toronto , Canada 451



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