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Maintenance Services

Drainage Maintenance
Drainage maintenance addresses debris removal within our Natural Creeks and restores the shape of constructed channels to ensure proper water flow. Criteria for projects to be placed on the list for drainage maintenance are dependent upon: imminent danger to private property and safety to citizens, impact to infrastructure, debris volume, number of citizen service requests, and density of development. This maintenance cycle may have minor adjustments when conditions of a specific facility may warrant being moved up on our maintenance schedule.

Debris Removal
Our Debris Removal Crews specialize in removing debris and blockages from earthen and concrete channels, box culverts, and grate inlets city wide. Low Water Crossings are also routinely checked and cleaned after every rain event and as needed.

Vegetation Management
In addition, a channel and right of way mowing program is in place to address City maintained channels and right of way’s on a four times per year schedule. Flood Buy-Out properties and medians are mowed nine times per year to ensure that vegetation remains within code compliance regulations, which requires that vegetation not exceed a height higher than 13 inches. Customer Service/311 service requests are also reviewed daily, which are then prioritized and scheduled as crews become available.

Pavement Markings
Pavement markings on our City's roadway network are vital to ensuring our motorist's safety on the road. Public Works is responsible for providing maintenance to an estimated 1,100 centerline miles of roadway. Based upon traffic volume and citizen service requests the maintenance cycle may have adjustments when conditions are warranted.

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