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Director's Office
Municipal Plaza Building
114 W. Commerce
San Antonio, Texas 78205
Main Line: (210) 207-8022
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Residential Services

The Department of Public Works oversees a variety of construction and maintenance services along City streets and sidewalks, alleys, drainage channels, traffic signals and more. Each of the services we provide helps to improve our City’s infrastructure and enhances the quality of life for San Antonians and visitors alike. Special programs such as the Infrastructure Management Program (IMP) provides Public Works an opportunity to proactively identify and schedule maintenance service needs throughout San Antonio.

Public Works also manages additional projects that relate to streets, storm water and transportation needs, which may include coordination with various partnering agencies. Common service requests, such as potholes, traffic signals, signs, drainage concerns and more can be reported to 311 or online at any time through City Connect – Online Services. If there is a resource that would be helpful to you and it is not available, please let us know by contacting us at

Information at your Fingertips

IMP Button   Infrastructure Management Program (IMP)
The IMP is a five-year rolling program which focuses on the maintenance of San Antonio’s Infrastructure. The City’s infrastructure consists of roads, sidewalks, traffic signals and signs, alleys, and drainage systems.
TSSM Button   Traffic Signal System Modernization (TSSM) Program
The TSSM Program has enabled traffic to move more efficiently on our existing roadways by maximizing the use of existing traffic signal lights. Improved communication with the traffic signals and optimized signal timings reduces delays and stops for vehicles traveling down main roadways.
Drainage Button   Drainage Management
Public Works is staffed with certified professionals who review drainage concerns and are responsible for residential and commercial storm water plan reviews. Flood Plain maps and related resources are available for you to review.