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Street Closures: Diagonal Diverter

Diagonal diverters are barriers placed diagonally across an intersection, blocking through movement; they are sometimes called full diverters or diagonal road closures. These types of street closures are most appropriate for neighborhood areas with grid network streets where cut-through traffic is a significant problem.

Diagonal Diverters


  • Maintains full pedestrian and bicycle access
  • Reduces the volume of vehicles


  • Reduces access options for local residents and emergency services
  • Reconstruction of corner curbs may be necessary
  • Local street drainage may be impacted
  • Requires approval of the entire neighborhood

Eligibility Considerations

  • Cut-through traffic should represent 25 percent or more of the total daily street volume
  • Signs and vegetation must conform to the Clear Vision Area ordinance
  • Neighborhood Association Landscape Maintenance Agreement required if landscaping is included


Reduced Speed One Star   Reduced Volume No Star
Enhanced Safety One Star   Maintenance Three Star

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