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Curb Extensions: Intersection Curb Extensions

Curb extensions assist pedestrians crossing at intersections, by narrowing the width of the street.

Intersection Curb Extension


  • Improves pedestrian safety by shortening crossing distance
  • Creates protected on-street parking bays
  • Reduces the speed of turning vehicles, especially for right turn movements


  • May slow right-turning emergency vehicles
  • Some on-street parking near the intersection may be eliminated
  • Bicyclists may briefly have to merge with vehicular traffic
  • VIA bus stops may be impacted

Eligibility Considerations

  • Wide streets where significant pedestrian crossings occur
  • Signs and vegetation must conform to the Clear Vision Area ordinance
  • Neighborhood Association Landscape Maintenance Agreement required if landscaping is included


Reduced Speed One Star   Reduced Volume No Star
Enhanced Safety One Star   Maintenance Three Star

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