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Transportation Plan Review

Transportation Plan Review works with new developments to ensure that development related impacts to the existing transportation infrastructure are adequately quantified and mitigated. Some of the items we review include Traffic Impact Studies (TIA’s), traffic signal warrants and right/left turn lane designs for new development, all form base code development, community and sector plans, new school development reviews, Master Development Plans (MDP), zoning, plats and building permits. If there is a resource that would be helpful to you and it is not available, please let us know by contacting us at

Information at your Fingertips

Acrobat Document   TIA and Rough Proportionality Process Overview (pdf)
Excel Document   Rough Proportionality Worksheet (xls)
Acrobat Document   TIA Scoping Meeting Worksheet (pdf)
Acrobat Document   TIA Threshold Worksheet (pdf)
Acrobat Document   Rough Proportionality Training Session (pdf)
Acrobat Document   IB 522 - Rough Proportionality "Grandfathering" Information (pdf)
Acrobat Document   Rough Proportionality Ordinance - HB 1835 (pdf)

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