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BVB - Best Value Bid

There are circumstances when an IFB needs to be expanded to include other factors in addition to price when determining which bid offers the best value to the City. The procurement vehicle used in these cases is referred to as an Invitation for Best Value Bid (BVB).

A Best Value Bid contains elements of both an Invitation for Bid and a Request for Competitive Sealed Proposal (CSP). A Best Value Bid is issued like a standard Invitation for Bid but contains evaluation criteria, which includes price and other factors. The SBEDA criteria must constitute 20% of the overall evaluation criteria based on a 100 point scale. BVB are only used for procurements of goods and non-professional services of more than $50,000, when the scope, statement of work and need, as related to quantity, are well defined by the end user. Negotiations are not permitted. Award recommendation shall be made to the first ranked vendor with the highest overall score.

BVB solicitations must be advertised in a newspaper publication and posted on the City's website for a minimum of 30 days. The newspaper publication and posting on the website should occur on the same day. In addition, the notice must appear once per week in a newspaper publication for 2 consecutive weeks. Note: The website posting may occur on an earlier date than the newspaper publication; however, the 30 day count would begin on the actual date of the published newspaper advertisement. In the event that the newspaper publication appears before the website posting, then the 30 day count would begin on the actual date of the web posting.