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Environment Overview

The City of San Antonio is actively, saving water, improving air quality and reducing energy consumption within its municipal operations and within the community.

Breathe Today. SA Tomorrow

The City of San Antonio Air quality public education campaign to encourage reduction of air pollution by businesses and residents.

Read more about Breathe Today. SA Tomorrow.

Ozone Action Day Plan

Ozone Action Day Plan establishes guidelines and procedures for reducing emissions of ozone-forming compounds into the atmosphere, both on “Ozone Action Days" as well as throughout the ozone season (March 1-November 30). City Departments, through voluntary compliance with the Ozone Action Day Plan, will modify certain activities on Ozone Action Days.

Read more about the Ozone Action Day Plan.

Drought Operations Plan

The Drought Operations Plan establishes guidelines and procedures for limiting water consumption by COSA departments during drought restriction periods as well as throughout the entire calendar year.

Read more about the Drought Operations Plan.

Solar Plan

The City of San Antonio’s “Solar Development Plan” identifies a set of stakeholder-recommended strategies, concepts, goals, and action steps that will increase San Antonio’s leadership in the solar industry and will help guide the region’s activities in deploying solar technologies and in growing various aspects of the solar industry in the near-, middle-, and long-term.

Read more about the Solar Plan.

CPS Energy Save for Tomorrow Energy Plan (STEP)

CPS Energy’s Save for Tomorrow Energy Plan (STEP) is an aggressive energy conservation program to save 771 MW of electricity (the equivalent of one power plant) between 2009 and 2020.

Read more about the Save for Tomorrow Energy Plan (STEP).

Case Study: Historic Solar Home

The purpose of this case study was to examine the construction of a new, single family home, with an included solar energy system, in an official historic neighborhood in San Antonio.

Read more about the Historic Solar Home case study.

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