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The City of San Antonio’s “Think Before You Print” campaign has reinforced its commitment to sustainability with a goal of cutting paper use by 15% across all City departments. This campaign is just one of many initiatives the City of San Antonio is conducting to support sustainability and efficiency.

In an organization the size of the City of San Antonio with over 10,000+ employees – a 15% reduction is significant. The organization is estimated to use roughly 40 million sheets of paper in its various activities.

In order to meet the City’s unified goal of 15%, all City departments are asked to reliably and responsibly follow these policies:

  1. Two-sided copies will be the standard for all City correspondence and documents.
  2. PowerPoint presentations will be reproduced double-sided with a minimum of two slides on each page.
  3. Printing in black and white is to be done to the maximum extent practicable.
  4. All standard city forms are to be reduced and double-sided.
  5. Forms and documents are to be transmitted by email as much as possible.
 Think Before You Print Target Goal graph

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