Carshare Member Information for a Gasoline Vehicle
  1. What can I expect at the car and how to unlock the car?
    1. Need key fob or card with member number
    2. Walk around to make sure car is OK
    3. Unlock at windshield reader with fob or card
    4. Press button on in-car communication device to answer question(s): Is there any damage to the vehicle? And sometimes, Do you have a valid driver’s license? Push any device button if device doesn’t ask the question. (You can’t start car without answering the question!)
    5. Key is on tether connected to center console
  2. What do I do if the car needs gasoline or there is some other problem?
    1. Gas card is above visor or in glove compartment
      1. Use like credit card at any gas station
      2. Odometer reading and member number will be requested
    2. If other problems, use in-car communication device (or send Hertz an email if not urgent)
  3. How do I return the car?
    1. Return to same “pod” before end of booking
    2. Make sure gasoline tank is at least ¼ full – there is a penalty for returning car with less
    3. Hertz will contact you if there is another booking waiting for the car
  4. How do I get approved to use the program as a City employee? (For City of San Antonio employees)   
    1. Designated administrators will get an email to respond yes/no
    2. Individual cannot use car with City account unless administrator approves
  6. How can I be eligible to drive on City business? (For City of San Antonio employees)   
    1. Must be current on driver training
    2. All Administrative Directives apply
    3. Must pay parking charges