Solid Waste Management Department

Solid Waste Service Monthly Rates

The Pay as You Throw (PAYT) rate structure is being phased in city-wide and will be completed Spring of 2017. Areas that have not been transitioned to PAYT will continue to pay the Non-PAYT rates.

PAYT Small Medium Large
Solid Waste Fee $18.19 $18.69 $19.94
Environmental Fee $2.24 $2.24 $2.24
Total City Services (Taxable) $20.43 $20.93 $22.18
Non-PAYT Fee
Solid Waste Fee $18.69
Environmental Fee $2.24
Total City Services (Taxable) $20.93

Other Fees

These fees are collected through the CPS Energy electric bill (City Services).

Item Fee
Blue Cart Contamination Fine $25.00
Extra Garbage Collection Fee $10.00

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Brush Collection Schedule Change

The curbside brush collection schedule has changed due to oak wilt mitigation.