2007 Bond
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On May 12, 2007, San Antonio voters approved five propositions that comprise the City of San Antonio’s $550 million Bond Program. The program includes 151 projects designed to improve, acquire, construct and enhance new and existing local streets, bridges, sidewalks, drainage facilities, parks, athletics facilities, libraries and public health centers. San Antonio will benefit from projects proposed in the Bond Program. Many projects address infrastructure needs in a specific area while several projects have a regional or citywide benefit for all residents.

City Council adopted the annual consolidated operating and capital budgets on September 13, 2007, following a series of public hearings. The capital budget provided a list of capital projects, including their funding sources and funding amounts.

In addition, in the fall of 2007, City Council approved the creation of a new city department – Capital Improvements Management Services (CIMS) – with a primary responsibility of managing the Bond Program. A total of 134 existing City staff positions were consolidated from four city departments into CIMS. The adopted budget included 18 new positions funded by bond funds to aid in the delivery of the Bond Program.

CIMS manages the City’s Capital Improvement Program projects to include the 2007-2012 Bond Program through all phases of design, construction, and inspection. The department also coordinates the consultant selection, construction contractor procurement, and project delivery for all capital improvement construction projects.