Community Initiatives Committee

Committee Charge:

Review and recommend projects that enhance community infrastructure to include streets and sidewalks, drainage facilities, parks, library and community facilities, and public safety facilities.

Committee Meetings and Materials

January 25, 2007

 Agenda | Minutes


Bond Committee Adopted Recommendations

Community Initiatives

Community Initiatives Members
Committee Co-Chairs

Aurora Ortega-Geis, Mayor

Ramiro Cavazos, Mayor


Committee Members

Gilbert Candia, District 1

John Davis, District 1

Laura Cabanilla-Cruz, Dist. 1

Dori Brown, District 2

Edward Hardeman, District 2

Sharon Jarmon, District 2

Cathy Dean, District 3

Raul Lira, District 3

Tom Wetzler, District 3

Andy Diaz, District 4

Blake Custer, District 4

John Longoria, District 4

Eva Esquivel, District 5

Guadalupe Espinoza, Dist. 5

Michael Martinez, District 5

John Berra, District 6

Ernest De La Rosa, District 6

Richard Bird, District 6

Bianca Maldonado, District 7

Elia Reyna, District 7

Randy Murdock, District 7

Albert Carrisalez District 8

Donna Meletio District 8

Pamela Bacon District 8

Jim McAden, District 9

Joe Gimblet, District 9

Tim Talbert, District 9

Matthew Myers, District 10

Shawn Babb, District 10

Stephanie James, District 10