2007 Bond
Parks Committee

Committee Charge:

Review and recommend projects that acquire, develop, or renovate parks and park facilities and amenities, swimming pools, community, recreation and gymnasium facilities, ball fields and ball fields lighting, trails, and open space in coordination with established park system plans.

Committee Meetings and Materials
Bond Committee Adopted Recommendations


Parks Members
Committee Co-Chairs

Bonnie Conner, Mayor

Doug McMurry, Mayor


Committee Members

Brett Codd, District 1

Hector Cardenas, District 1

Joan Korte, District 1

AJ Garcia, District 2

Alex Saucedo, District 2

Tim Reznicek, District 2

Charles Pope, District 3

Hiedemarie Flannery, Dist. 3

Lloyd Rawson, District 3

Carole Abitz, District 4

Jaime Aguillon, District 4

Ken Palacios, District 4

Amelia Valdez, District 5

Robert Rodriguez, District 5

Roy Botello, District 5

Joseph Cruz, District 6

Leo Gomez, District 6

Manuel Garza, District 6

Margaret Tovar, District 7

Randy Murdock, District 7

Toni Cadena, District 7

Francine Romero, District 8

Julia Diana, District 8

Lynn Hickey, District 8

Art Downey, Jr. District 9

Paul Vaughn, District 9

Scott Price, District 9

Doris Brown, District 10

Gordon Hartman, District 10

Jeff Webster, District 10