2007 Bond
Proposition 2

Proposition 2
Streets, Bridges and Sidewalks Improvements
26 projects | $152,051,818

This proposition authorizes the City of San Antonio to issue bonds, the proceeds from which will be used to provide drainage improvements and facilities to be used for the removal of and protection from harmful excesses of water. This proposition also will provide for drainage or other stormwater improvements and for the acquisition of lands and rights of way necessary for such purposes.

Bond Election Terminology Guide
The following acronyms reflect organizations or terms used throughout this brochure:
LF = Leveraged Funding, meaning that the City anticipates partnering with one or more non-City entities to share in the cost of completing the designated project; in such a scenario, the City’s share could be reduced if the designated project’s scope is modified or its partner does not produce the full amount of funding promised or expected.
ADA = Americans with Disabilities Act
MPO = Metropolitan Planning Organization
TxDOT = Texas Department of Transportation

Alamo Farmstead Area Drainage - Rochelle (Ambush to Whitby) $2,051,818
Construct an underground drainage system and reconstruct Rochelle, without curbs. Project will be designed and constructed to available funds.

Ave Maria Outfall (Ave Maria to Burwood) $1,036,000
Improve drainage channel outfall from Ave Maria to Burwood and upgrade the culvert at Burwood.

Broadway Corridor, Phase III A (Carnahan to 150 ft. north of Davis Road) $9,000,000
Provide a drainage system that is designed to convey a 100-year storm event across Broadway, improving the Broadway corridor beginning at Carnahan and terminating at Davis Court.

Catalpa - Pershing Bridge Modifications $3,000,000
Provide bridge upgrades to Mulberry and Millrace crossings to accommodate a 100-year flood event.

Commercial Tributary, Phase II (Petaluma to IH 35) $15,611,000
Design and construct the drainage channel and related drainage structures along Commercial Tributary at cross streets from Petaluma to IH-35 for a 100-year storm event. Project includes channel construction, bank stabilization and road culvert crossings.

Culebra 58F, Phase II B (Laven to upstream of Culebra) $10,687,000
Reconstruct Zarzamora Creek from Laven to 1,600 feet upstream of Culebra to 100-year flood capacity. Project includes upgrading the Culebra Road crossing.

Culebra Creek Regional Storm Water Facility at Loop 1604, Phase I Construction Only (Northeast corner of Loop 1604 and Culebra Road) LF $5,140,000
Construct a regional storm water facility at the confluence of Culebra and Helotes Creek. The total cost for this project is currently estimated to be $5.286 million, with the City’s share expected to equal approximately 97% of this total.

Fort Sam Houston Drainage LF $6,261,000
Address drainage needs for Fort Sam Houston including a bridge crossing at Salado Creek.

Goliad Road Drainage, Phase II (Lasses to Pecan Valley) $12,175,000
Continue the Goliad Road (Military to Pecan Valley) project from the end of Phase I (Lasses) to Pecan Valley. Project provides for a four-lane street, with sidewalks, curbs, and driveway approaches and an underground storm system to relieve drainage problems on Goliad Road.

Goliad/IH-37 Outfall (Channel from Goliad to across IH-37) $7,822,000
Expand channel and add additional culverts under IH-37 to increase drainage capacity.

Guilbeau Road Drainage Improvements, Phase II (Mystic Park to 800 ft. east of Mystic Park) $1,273,000
Continue the construction of a storm drain system along Guilbeau Road from Mystic Park to 800 feet east of Mystic Park. Project includes the installation of curb inlets.

High Water Detection/Early Flood Warning System Expansion $1,000,000
Add additional locations to the City's High Water Detection/Early Flooding Warning System Expansion Program.

Indian Creek Channel Improvements (Five Palms to Godek) $1,900,000
Improve the existing channel on Indian Creek from Five Palms to Godek and tie into the previously-funded War Cloud project. Properties that are currently shown to be in the regulatory floodplain will be out of the floodplain due to the bond-funded drainage improvements

Kentwood Manor Area Drainage, Phase I $5,000,000
Construct ditches along streets, with culvert crossings necessary to reduce flooding.

Marbach Drainage, Phase II A (Military to west of Rawhide) $4,430,000
Funds will be used to provide the drainage component to the Marbach Phase II A (Military to west of Rawhide) Street project.

Midcrest Detention (Providian Parking Lot NW Corner Midcrest & Creek) $7,577,000
Construction of a detention pond to reduce downstream flooding.

Oak Glen/Haskin Low Water Crossing, Phase I (Cave Lane to Oak Glen) $1,821,000
Provide drainage improvements to, and reconstruct, Haskin from Cave Lane to Oak Glen.

Octavia #63, Phase II $7,198,000
Reconstruct streets with new underground drainage systems, curbs, sidewalks and driveway approaches in the area bounded by South Flores, West Hart Avenue/Weinberg/Chalmers Avenue, IH-35 South and Gladstone Street/Tommins Avenue.

RipRap 69, Phase II C Part 4 (Southcross: Commercial to Marney) $7,515,000
Reconstruct Southcross from Commercial to Marney, with sidewalks, curbs, driveway approaches and necessary drainage. Reconstruct Noble, Tupper, and Tabor Streets from Burcham to Canavan, with curbs, sidewalks and driveway approaches.

RipRap 69, Phase II D – Channel $6,062,000
Provide channel improvements from IH-35 east to the box culvert system at Marney Plaza.

Skyline Area Drainage, Phase I A (Skyline, Middle, Cisco) $6,098,000
Design and construct, to the extent of available funds, Cisco, Middle and Skyline Streets from Bell to the dead end. This project installs inlets and pipes at the dead end of Skyline and ties improvements into the existing drainage system.

Upper Leon Creek Regional Storm Water Facility Right-of-way Acquisition $3,156,000
Purchase properties for possible future construction of storm water detention facilities.

Valley Forge Drainage System (Crown Point to Drainage Channel) $1,129,000
Design and construct a reinforced concrete pipe drainage system from Crown Point along Valley Forge to an existing drainage channel. Project will require street reconstruction of Valley Forge from Crown Point to Minuteman.

Westwood Village Drainage (Pinn to Old Highway 90) $3,080,000
Improve the existing box culvert system at Old Highway 90 and the drainage channel from Old Highway 90 to Pinn Road (in Westwood Village neighborhood between Orr and Marcum Roads).

W.W. White Area Streets, Phase II $9,089,000
Construct a storm system along Holmgreen Street to provide drainage for an area between Rice Road and Holmgreen. Project will consist of an underground system and an open channel. Street reconstruction will be required for Brusk Road from Rice to Goodell, Goodell from Brusk to Schumacher, Schumacher from Rice to Holmgreen, and Holmgreen from W.W. White to turn just west of My Lane.

Zarzamora Drainage #39, Phase I (Zarzamora - Winnipeg to Humble and Winnipeg - Zarzamora to Jennings) $12,940,000
Provide complete street reconstruction of Zarzamora from W. Winnipeg Avenue to Humble Avenue and W. Winnipeg Ave. from Zarzamora to Jennings with underground drainage.