Streets and Sidewalks Committee

Committee Charge:

Review and recommend projects to construct or improve streets and street amenities, sidewalks, and multi-modal facilities in coordination with established transportation plans of the City and other agencies.

Committee Meetings and Materials
Bond Committee Adopted Recommendations

Streets and Sidewalks

Committee Co-Chairs

Darryl Byrd, Mayor

Terrell McCombs, Mayor


Committee Members

Angie Ruiz, District 1

Esther De Leon, District 1

Timothy B. Henson, Dist. 1

Ann Gamble, District 2

Carlos Richardson, District 2

Richard Lafoil, District 2

Adelita Huron, District 3

Evanleen Schmueckle, Dist. 3

Juan Mancha, District 3

George Britton, District 4

Judy Hanson, District 4

Ray Martinez, District 4

Christine Castro, District 5

Dolores Mendez, District 5

Ralph Gomez, District 5

Alonso Rangel, District 6

Lila Theis, District 6

Larry Romo, District 6

Mike Phillips, District 7

Rick Idar, District 7

Ted Guerra, District 7

Ed Estrada, District 8

Ken Thomas, District 8

Susan Wright, District 8

John Kuderer, District 9

Mike Villyard, District 9

Tony Reyes, District 9

Amy Putney, District 10

Mike Gallagher, District 10

James "Jim" Hunley, Dist. 10