2012-2017 Bond Staff Recommended Guiding Principles
  1. Coordination with Other Agencies: Bond projects will be coordinated with scheduled infrastructure improvements plans of other Agencies including San Antonio Water System (SAWS), San Antonio River Authority (SARA), CPS Energy, VIA Transit Authority, Bexar County, TxDOT and Federal Funding.

  2. Increase Connectivity: Bond projects will improve connectivity between existing neighborhoods, streets, sidewalks, bike facilities, drainage systems or other networks.
  3. Leverage Funds: Bond projects will leverage other Governmental Agency dollars for infrastructure improvements.
  4. Project Continuation: Bond projects will complete ongoing phased or designed infrastructure improvement projects.
  5. Investment in Major corridors: Bond projects will support street infrastructure improvements that first focus on major streets; in a complimentary way, local streets are funded through the Infrastructure Management Program (IMP) and Annual Operating Budget.

  6. Investment in Areas with the Greatest Need: Bond projects will support infrastructure improvements within areas– to include economic generator areas – having dated infrastructure.
  7. Rough Proportionality: Bond projects will support rough proportionality throughout the City.
  8. Improve Public Safety/Economic Development: Bond projects will improve public safety, public health, public welfare and economic development.
  9. Plan Support: Bond projects will support identified needs or specific identified projects within one or more City of San Antonio Strategic Planning Documents, to include the SA2020 process.
  10. Complete Streets: Bond projects will take into account all forms of public use for streets and open areas.
  11. Environmental Sustainability: Projects will support environmental sustainability by promoting energy and water conservation, restoring natural resources and improving storm water and air quality, as applicable.
  12. Operating & Maintenance Budget Impact: Consideration of Bond project recommendations should take into consideration the operating and maintenance cost–impact they place on the City’s annual operating budget.