2017-2022 Bond Program
2017-2022 Bond


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Streets, Bridges & Sidewalks

Streets, Bridges & Sidewalks
The Bond will build over 200 miles of new sidewalks.


The Bond will improve 25% of our City's parks!

Drainage & Flood Control

Drainage & Flood Control
Dedicates 70% of funding to drainage & street  projects!


Building and improving libraries & public service facilities.


Improving communities in San Antonio.

Participation Opportunities

Participation Opportunities
Looking for small, minority or women-owned businesses.


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Mass Selection of Design Consultants

On May 6, 2017, the San Antonio public approved six propositions for the City’s 2017-2022 Bond Program totaling $850 million and including 180 projects. With voter approval, TCI is ready to get to work with the design and construction industry to deliver the street, drainage, parks and facility projects.

As part of the mass selection of design consultants for the 2017-2022 Bond Program, 107 contracts estimated at $58 million were approved by City Council to move forward onto the design phase. The contracts included 48 streets and drainage, 14 buildings, and 45 park related projects. The City's utilization of local small, minority, and women-owned businesses, surpassed previous results achieved during the 2012 Bond mass selection process. In total, 74 unique prime consultants were selected for award by City Council, of which 97 percent firms are located within the San Antonio Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Of the design dollars awarded to local small, minority and women-owned businesses, 65% is estimated to be paid to small businesses, of which 50% will go to small businesses who are also minority or women-owned. Increases from the 2012 Bond mass selection process were realized in all prime categories. There is a 4% or $13.8 million increase in awards to small businesses, a 3% or $10.8 million increase to minority and women-owned businesses, and a 2% or $1.5 million increase in awards to African-American businesses.


Key Features

The 2017 Bond Program was developed with an extensive Public Input Process. From October to December 2016, 160 residents comprising five Community Bond Committees appointed by the Mayor and City Council Members met to review and discuss initial staff recommended projects. The meetings provided citizens an opportunity to provide suggestions for projects. There were 30 meetings held including five tours. More than 1,400 residents were in attendance at these meetings and 350 resident comments were made. The Community Bond Committees recommendations were presented to the City Council on Wednesday, January 11, 2017, and the City Council approved more than 94% of the Committee's recommendations for inclusion.

Some of the key features of the 2017 Bond Program include:

  • The $850 Million Bond program will not require a City Property Tax Rate
  • 70% of the Bond dollars will be dedicated to street and drainage infrastructure projects 
  • The program includes over 200 planned miles of new sidewalk construction 
  • The Parks Proposition will improve 25% of our City's parks 
  • Through coordination with state, local and private partnerships, the City will leverage $350 million in outside funding within 37 of the Bond Program projects 
  • Only 20% of the $850 Million Bond Program is for Downtown specific projects, over 80%, or $680 million of the Bond is for Council District Projects 
  • The 180 projects selected align with 11 Guiding Principles and the City's SA Tomorrow Growth Plan (Guiding Principles include investing in Major Corridors and Increasing Connectivity) 
  • There is a planned 2017 Bond Program project within one mile of where a San Antonio residents lives or works 
  • The City has the highest credit rating available ("AAA") which allows the borrowing of money at the lowest interest rates possible putting more property tax dollars into infrastructure projects 
  • The City has a strong record of completing its General Obligation Bond Programs on time, within budget, and with quality improvements (as seen with the 2007 and 2012 Bond Programs)

CITY Bond Oversight Commission

The City Bond Oversight Commission (CBOC) is comprised of 15 members appointed by the City Council. Appointments are made to ensure a diverse representation from each of the respective districts. The Commission is comprised of: One (1) Commission Chair appointed by the Mayor; One (1) Vice-Chair appointed by the Mayor; Three (3) individuals appointed from and representing the Parks & Recreation Board, The San Antonio Public Library Board, and the Bexar Regional Watershed Management Committee Appointed by the Mayor; and Ten (10) individuals representing the ten City Council districts with one appointed by each City Council member. The Commission will meet on a quarterly basis to review the progress of the 2017 Bond Program and provide an annual report to be presented to City Council.


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2017-2022 Bond Program

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