San Antonio Airport Police
Lost and Found


  • Mailing Address
  • 9623 W. Terminal Dr., Bldg #1320
  • San Antonio, TX 78216
  • Compliments or Complaints
  • (210) 207-3498

Lost Items Assistance

Where was the item left or lost?  Take this action to try to find your item:
 At the passenger screening checkpoint Please contact the TSA local administrative office, (210) 832-5334.
 In the terminal or parking facility Use the Customer Service Center to report your lost item. Click the link to open a form that you can fill out and submit. Or, call (210) 207-3451 and leave a message. An Airport Police representative will return your call during regular business hours, prior to 4:30pm CST on the following business day.
 On the airplane... Contact the airline baggage claim office:                       
Aeromexico 210-828-7180
AirTran Airlines 800-965-2107 x2285
American Airlines 210-804-4691
Continental Airlines 800-335-2247
Delta Airlines 210-821-3917
Frontier Airlines 210-829-0682
Mexicana Airlines 210-824-0241
Southwest Airlines 210-248-3763
United Airlines 800-221-6903
US Airways 877-367-7553