About ACS

About ACS

The City of San Antonio Animal Care Services is the largest, open admission, municipal shelter in South Texas. Serving San Antonio residents, ACS resides on a 14-acre campus boasting a variety of programs and services aimed at encouraging responsible pet ownership and compliance in our community. Check out this video for a brief look at ACS. En Espanol:



Animal Care Services’ mission is to encourage responsible pet ownership by promoting and protecting the health, safety, and welfare of the residents and pets of San Antonio through education, enforcement, and community partnership.

Advisory Board

Citizens of San Antonio are proud of their heritage and dedication to continuously preserve and improve our City. City Council board appointees perform invaluable public service by broadening the forum for community input and by enhancing the processes of democracy. Find more information regarding the Animal Care Services Advisory Board.

Awards & Media

ACS has received a variety of awards and high-profile media attention as the department strives to be the premiere municipal shelter in the country.

Contact Us & Facilities

Find information regarding ACS facilities and how to contact various ACS divisions.

Daily Shelter Flow

Please see the typical day at ACS through this Shelter Flow graph.
*This graph is meant to detail a typical day and does not guarantee that the events on this calendar occur daily.


Find answers to most of the Frequently Asked Questions regarding ACS programs and services.

Key Policies

Locate some of the key policies applicable to the public.

90% Live Release Rate

Read more about San Antonio’s Journey to 90% & Higher Live Release Rate.

Statistics & Reporting

Find statistical data and reporting relating to ACS performance.