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Advisory Board Members
District 1

Cindy CoxEmail
Date Expires: May 31, 2021

District 2

Martha BandaEmail
Date Expires: May 31, 2021

District 3

Mr. George L. GarciaEmail
Date Expires: May 31, 2019

District 4

Mrs. Rita Braeutigam Email
Date Expires: May 31, 2021

District 5

Ms. Karen Speer Email
Date Expires: May 31, 2021

District 6

Mrs. Kathleen Davis Email
Date Expires: May 31, 2021

District 7

Ms. Valerie MooreEmail
Date Expires: May 31, 2017

District 8

Mrs. Katie Jarl
Date Expires: May 31, 2021

District 9

Mrs. Susan BeldonEmail
Date Expires: May 31, 2021

District 10

Ms. Sallie Scott Email
Date Expires: May 31, 2021


Mr. Michael Shannon Email
Date Expires: May 31, 2017

Total Voting Members for Animal Care Services Advisory Board: 11

ACS Advisory Board

The Animal Care Services Advisory Board is composed of fourteen (14) members - 11 members appointed by City Council and 3 ex-officio members. In accordance with the ACS Advisory Board By-Laws (.pdf), the Advisory Board is required to meet at least three (3) times per year. However, in order to play an active role in the work being done in the department, the Board currently meets six (6) times a year (with at least one being a worksession). Meetings occur on the third Wednesday of every other month at 6:30 pm at Animal Care Services located at 4710 State Highway 151 (unless noted below). Meet the Director chats occur during the months in between. For directions to the facility, please visit our Contact Us & Facilities page. Meetings usually last two to three hours. 

Please note that the Board may, at any time during Advisory Board meetings (pursuant to Government Code Section 551.071), recess into Executive Session in the ACS conference room to consult with the City Attorney's Office. 



 Meet Key Staff 15 minutes prior to our Advisory Board Meetings held onsite. Both Meet the Director and Advisory Board meetings will be held in the ACS Annex building, located at 4710 Highway 151 unless otherwise indicated due to social distancing guidelines. Meet the Director meetings take place from 5pm to 6pm while all Advisory Board meetings start at 6:30 pm provided there is a quorum as required. 

ACS Advisory Board Information Portal

ACS Advisory Board Meeting Packets and Recordings

Please access the links below to view the Advisory Board packets presented at each Board Meeting.