Animal Health & Welfare

Animal Health & Welfare

As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to provide the appropriate care for your companion animals, poultry, and livestock. The City of San Antonio’s animal laws and permitting process provides a framework to ensure the welfare of our community’s pets. Residents must also do their part to protect the safety of both people and pets.

From getting a new pet to caring for your new companion animal to planning for unforeseen emergencies, Animal Care Services is dedicated to providing the latest information on guarding the health and welfare of our community’s animals.

Buying A Pet

Find out information on what to do when Buying a Pet through a breeder or retail establishment. 

Caring For Your Pet

Find out some great Pet Care Tips.

Disaster Planning For Your Pet

Be prepared for for a disaster with these great Disaster Planning Tips.


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Stop Animal Cruelty - Reporting

Read about what it is and how to report Animal Cruelty here.


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