Animal Health & Welfare


When residents think about ACS, they generally think about dogs and cats. But did you know that ACS also brings in other types of animals including livestock, poultry, even exotics. Because the cost of caring for these specials animals can be expensive, the shelter has seen an increase in the number of horses, goats, donkeys, and other hoofstock brought in to the shelter.

Did You Know?

Did you know it is unlawful to keep or maintain swine, including pot-belly pigs, within the City (Chapter 5. Sec. 5-50.).

Did you know that it shall be unlawful for any person to keep livestock in the city without first applying in writing and obtaining a livestock permit (Chapter 5. Sec. 5-114.).

Did you know that the total number of domestic fowl and livestock allowed at a residence is ten which may include: (Chapter 5. Sec. 5-109)

  • Up to eight domestic fowl (chickens,etc.) with only ONE of which can be a rooster and
  • Up to two animals from the following classes of livestock (with a livestock permit):
    • Equines
    • Bovines
    • Sheep
    • Goats
    • Llamas

All livestock and fowl must be restrained at all times in accordance with City law. Failure to do so may result in citations and/or the impoundment of the roaming animals.