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There are a number of urban deer populations throughout San Antonio  and feeding or interaction is STRONGLY discouraged for its negative effect on the animals (and potential risk to residents). This includes things like altered natural behaviors, deer desensitization to humans leading to increased deer-car accidents, disease risks, property damage as well as environmental risks associated with the accumulation of fecal matter from the wildlife. City staff will work with Texas Parks and Wildlife to meet with concerned residents and provide educational resources on urban deer issues and State urban biologists can even offer communities technical guidance with the unique challenges deer in the city may pose. However, truly minimizing the impact of urban deer relies heavily on responsible behavior and cooperation among neighbors. Reducing feeding is the primary step but reporting poaching (hunting in the city limits) and other illegal activity like animal cruelty is vital as well to ensuring better neighborhoods for residents and native wildlife alike.

Check out the resources below for more information about deer in urban areas:


Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation, Inc.

24-Hour Hotline: 830.336.2725

Address: 137 Earl Street, San Antonio, TX 78212  •  Phone: 210.257.8823  •  Web Address:

Should you find a wild animal in crisis, or need emergency assistance with a wild animal, please contact WRR, 24-hours a day.

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911 Wildlife (Humane Removal of Urban Wildlife)

Phone: 210.588.9911  •  Web Address:

911 Wildlife offers animal and wildlife removal, relocation and control services in San Antonio.  

They have a different approach to wildlife and animal removal problems:

 - No traps or poisons of any kind are used -

- Specially designed one-way doors are installed to humanely evict animals -

- Exclusion work is guaranteed for 10 years -