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Published on Friday, February 1, 2019

Illegal puppy seller convicted; handed maximum fines

Animal Care Services warns would be sellers AND buyers beware

CONTACT: Lisa Norwood, 210.207.6665, 210.315.3130


SAN ANTONIO (Feb. 1, 2019) - A cautionary tale for would be illegal pet businesses as a local resident convicted of selling sick puppies is handed the maximum fines for his violations. Ricardo Valdez was found guilty yesterday on two animal related counts in Municipal Court. Valdez was charged with selling puppies illegally on the roadside and failing to provide adequate care for the pets.  The charges stem from an incident that occurred August of 2018 in a parking lot off the10 thousand block of Culebra. Several witnesses, including a veterinarian, testified to the inhumane care of the small breed dogs with a previous buyer detailing the thousand dollar vet bill she racked up to save her purchased Shih Tzu recover from the highly contagious canine disease, Parvo. Valdez was given the maximum two thousand dollar fine per count for a total of four thousand dollars in fines plus court costs.


ACS warns would be pet sellers it is illegal to sell, trade, barter, lease, rent, or give away animals of any age roadside, at garage sales, flea markets or festivals and ALL sales are unlawful without a current litter and/or seller's permit. This includes but is not limited to online websites or periodical advertising. ACS urges would be pet parents to consider adoption as the best option and always confirm any documentation from a private seller before purchase.


Animal Care Services wants to speak to anyone who has dealt with or has information on any local illegal pet seller. Residents should contact 311 and ask for the Cruelty division.