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Animal Care Services
Published on Friday, September 13, 2019

29 pets brought in to Animal Care Services from seizure

Many found in living in their own waste without water; others on inhumane tethers

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Alfonso Rios, 210.207.6589 956.961.5782


SAN ANTONIO (September 13, 2019) –Almost thirty animals were brought in the City’s Animal Care Services earlier today after the department’s Cruelty Investigators executed a warrant in the 1500 block of Avant. Officers found eighteen dogs, six cats, two turtles, a tortoise, a rooster and a hen living in unsanitary conditions at the home including an accumulation of animal waste and lack of water. Many of the dogs had inhumane tethers and some of the animals appeared to be ill. The animals are receiving veterinary care at ACS and multiple cruelty charges are pending.