How You Can Help

Unlawful Actions

With links to Chapter 5 Ordinances.

Mistreatment or Abuse: such as plucking feathers, throwing rocks, hitting with sticks, etc.

Inhumane Trapping: such as steel-jaw traps, snares, traps that cut, slice, tear, or traumatize, etc.

Inhumane housing or care of owned and confined animals: no fresh water, species-specific food, shelter, etc.

How You Can Help!

If you believe that you have witnessed a violation of a Chapter 5 Ordinance listed above (and you can do so safely), please have some of the following items in order to help Animal Care Officers seek justice:

  • Video or photos of the crime being committed.
    • These should have a clear image of the suspected offender, the crime being committed, or clear indication of the abuse the animal has suffered.
  • Evidence that the animal in question is injured.
    • This could be video or photos of the injuries the animals has suffered.
    • This could be showing other types of evidence such as the weapon used, illegal trapping techniques, or blood trails.
  • Witness testimonies from citizens that saw the offense being committed.
    • Clear descriptions of the suspected offender(s) as well as the crime they are believed to have committed.
    • Times and locations.
    • Animal(s) involved in the act(s) of cruelty or neglect.