How You Can Help

Impounded & Urgent pets in the care of ACS

With 32,000 cats and dogs coming into our shelter each year we need our community to help find placement for these pets. We encourage those looking to adopt to come to the shelter and meet with the many wonderful pets that we have available. ACS places over 13,000 pets a year with our dedicated and amazing rescue groups and 1,300 into our wonderful foster homes.

Below are some of the ways that you can view the pets in our care so you can make the best selection for you to adopt, foster or pull into your rescue group. Pets are not eligible for adoption until they are medically able to be sterilized (approximately 2 months). Some of the reports will show pets that are not eligible for adoption due to age.

Inventory List

Inventory List

The best place to begin! This link will allow you to view the pets that we have at ACS for foster, rescue or adoption and be able to sort by breed, size or gender. You can also set up breed alerts! This list will show pets who are currently not available for placement but are viewable online solely so the owners can locate a missing pet.

Inventory List

URGENT! These pets are in need of placement

This report will show you the pets, from the "Past Stray Hold - Euthanasia Risk" report, that were identified as "most urgent" and could be chosen for euthanasia should intake exceed capacity.

Past Stray Hold - Euthanasia Risk

This report will show you all of the pets who are past their release dates and have not received a confirmed placement hold. As intake exceeds capacity these are pets that could be eligible for euthanasia.

Pet intake at ACS today

This report will show you all the pets that have come into our shelter today and are in need of placement.

Pets at ACS in need of placement

This report will show you all the pets that are here at ACS.

Waggin’ Tail Friendlies

This report will show you a few of the pets that are staff favorites, are coming up on the end of their stray wait and some more information about them. These pets are available for foster, rescue or adoption.

Moms with babies

This report shows nursing mothers with puppies and kittens that still need to stay with mom. It is crucial to their health that we find placement out of the shelter as soon as possible. These groups are available for foster or rescue only.


This report shows the puppies and kittens that are without a mother and are in need of supportive care. Placement must be found for these pets immediately! These pets are available for foster and rescue only.

Orphan Puppies and Kittens

This report shows all puppies and kittens who are orphaned (no mother) but still in need of supportive care and not old enough for adoption. These pets are available for foster and rescue only.

ACS Foster Care

This report shows all the pets that in our wonderful foster homes and awaiting adoption. These pets can be pulled by rescues as well.

Diversion Pet Report

This report will show you the pets that are being held by their owner or private citizen while they wait for their appointment. None of these pets are on campus or at risk of being euthanized. They are available for Adoption and Rescue placement, but are not Foster candidates.