Laws & Fees

Ordinances (Laws), Permits & Fees

Responsible Pet Ownership is governed by a framework of humane laws and policies to ensure the protection of both pets and people. The City of San Antonio Animal Care Services enforces both City and State animal laws as well as enforces a variety of animal related permits and fees.

Permits & Fees

Find more information on Permits and the ACS Fee Schedule

Ordinances (Laws)

Read more on the City's Chapter 5 Animal Laws.

Illegal Pet Sales

Illegal Pet Sales are a special concern in San Antonio and there's a number of laws against them. Read about those restrictions and the community's problem here. You can also check out the latest commercial targeting these irresponsible sellers here.

Responsible Pet Ownership Course

For more information on Responsible Pet Ownership courses, please see our partner websites below:

PAWedu - Promotion of Animal Welfare