Laws & Fees

Ordinances (Laws)

Responsible Pet Ownership is governed by a framework of humane laws and policies to ensure the protection of both pets and people. The City of San Antonio Animal Care Services enforces both City ordinance (Chapter 5 ordinance) and State animal laws
(Health & Safety Code, Chapters 821-829) animal laws.

While the laws are extensive by nature, they come down to a simple directive: Pet owners are responsible for their pet(s) and their pet's behavior.

In many cases, Animal Care Services can assist pet owners with education and resources to comply with the law.

Non-compliant or repeat violators, however, can face both civil and criminal penalties including hefty fines and potential jail time.

Click on each topic to find out more about the laws governing responsible pet ownership issues like:
  • Permits regarding selling pets of any age  *Selling animals of any age roadside, at garage sales, flea markets or festivals is ILLEGAL regardless of the seller's permit status and ALL sales are unlawful without a current litter and/or seller's permit. This includes but is not limited to online websites or periodical advertising. City law allows Animal Care Officers the ability to seize animals being sold in unauthorized locations or without the legally required permits. Check out more on pets sales in SA here.
  • Shade ordinance  *This attachment details the ordinance language that will be included in Chapter 5 which will be updated on the website once finalized by Municode which oversees the compilation of City ordinances. The ordinance has been passed and is in effect.