Laws & Fees

Fee Schedule

Fees associated with ACS services and ordinances are applicable to anyone doing business with the City of San Antonio ACS .

*The Director of Animal Care Services reserves the right to adjust fees during instances of moratoriums or any special events or circumstances, if deemed necessary.

Pet Adoption

Type Fee Description
Dog Package $ 86*
Cat Package $ 34*
Other Animal Adoption
Small Animal
      Chicken/ Roosters
      Rats/ Mice
      Small Domestics
      Small Birds

$ 10
$ 10
$ 15
$ 15
$ 5 - $ 25
Specialty Animals
      Goats & Sheep

$ 150
plus permit if inside San Antonio

* Includes spay/neuter surgery, microchip (free lifetime registration) & tag, rabies vaccination, flea & tick preventative and 1st round of vaccinations.


Type Fee Description
Seller's Permit $ 250 Year
Litter Permit $ 50 Litter (Only 1 Litter Per Year)
Cat Colony Permit $ 10 Year
Livestock Permit
horse*, cattle
$ 150 Year
Carriage Horse License/Inspection 
*All carriage horse companies must have a valid permit issued by the SAPD Ground Transportation Unit prior to inspection by ACS Veterinarians.  More information on equine carriage permits can be found here.
$45/ per horse  
Other Livestock Permit
hog, sheep, goat, etc.
$ 75 Year
Pet Shop Permit  $ 200  Year
Commercial Boarding Kennel Permit $ 150 Year
Pet Grooming Permit $ 75 Year
Animal Exhibit Permit
$ 200 Event
Petting Zoo/Recreational Animal Ride Permit $ 50 Year
Exceed # of Legal Animal Limit Permit $ 25  
Inspection & Subsequent Re-Inspection(s)
$ 25 Inspection


Type Fee Description

On April 30, 2015, the San Antonio City Council unanimously approved the elimination of the City's pet licensing program (the metal Texas-shaped tag). An ordinance amendment was approved making a registered microchip the primary means of licensing for pets living within the San Antonio city limits. Residents do not have to formally register their pet's microchip with the City or ACS - microchips only need to be registered with the microchip manufacturer.

Owners whose pets have a current City license will be in compliance until those licenses expire at which point their pet must have a registered microchip. If your pet's license is already expired, you will  be unable to purchase a new license; instead you will need to purchase a microchip from Animal Care Services
(FREE for City residents at ACS and at any off site Microchip Mania! clinic - see events calendar). Residents may also purchase a microchip at any of our spay/neuter clinic partners, other community shelters, or from any private veterinarian at their listed pricing. Be sure to ask if your purchased microchip comes with registration or if the chip will need to be registered. The new ordinance will go into effect June 30, 2015.
Animals Deemed Dangerous
$100 1 Year
Animals Deemed Aggressive
Level 1  $ 25 1 Year
Level 2 $ 50 1 Year
Level 3 $ 75 1 Year


Type Fee Description
Regular Animal Impoundment (Return to Owner)
1st Occurrence $ 50*
2nd Occurrence $ 100*
3rd Occurrence $ 150*
4th Occurrence $ 200*   
Boarding  $ 10  Daily   
Rabies Observation (OB) Impoundment
1st Occurrence $ 75*
2nd Occurrence $ 100*
3rd Occurrence
Requires dangerous dog investigation
$ 200*
Boarding  $ 20  Daily   
Vaccinations (Given at time of impoundment)
Unless proof of vaccination is provided
$ 12
Bordatella $ 6
DHPP $ 8
FVRCP (Cats) $ 8   
Livestock  $ 100     
Livestock Impoundment
Horse/Cattle $ 100
     Boarding $ 35 Daily  
Goats/Pigs $ 75
     Boarding  $ 15 Daily  
Poultry/Rabbits $ 20
     Boarding  $ 10 Daily  

* Owner responsible for impoundment fee, daily boarding, vaccinations & microchip.


Type Fee Description
Owner Surrender
City of San Antonio Residents Only
$ 25
Euthanasia Request $ 25
Annex Facility Rental
     Half Day $ 75  
     Full Day $100  
Cat Combo Test $ 15  
      City of San Antonio Residents Only
Lifetime Registration