Animal Care Services believes education is key to helping the community become more humane. Check out a variety of resources provided to local residents to find out more about ACS, our partners, and responsible pet ownership.

Applications & Forms

Repository of Animal Care Services applications and forms.

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Community Partners

The successes that Animal Care Services has seen over the past few years would not be possible without the help of our rescue groups, community partners, and animal agencies.

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Education Library

Brochures and information - help spread the message of the importance of responsible pet ownership!

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Sick/Injured Pet Resources

When your pet gets injured or ill suddenly and you don’t have the money for veterinary care, it can be a very frightening and stressful experience.

Find more information regarding resources available for sick/injured pets.

Video Library

Public service announcements, commercials and videos about Animal Care Services.

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See the latest pet tips, recommendations, and fun activities for your pets. 

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