Applications & Forms

Below please find the Animal Care Services repository of printable applications and forms:

Animal Bite Exposure Form

If you are a citizen who has been bitten, please call 311 to report the bite immediately.

If you are a medical facility, please email ACS Bite Investigation Team to obtain a copy of the Animal Bite Exposure Form.


  • Adoption Application Dog (.pdf); Cat (.pdf) - Application to adopt an ACS pet.
  • Event Request (.pdf) - Form used to request an ACS program or service.
  • Foster Application (.pdf) - Application to temporarily foster an ACS pet.
  • Rescue Application (.doc) - Application to become an approved ACS Rescue Group.
  • Volunteer Application (.pdf) - Application to become an ACS Volunteer.


  • Dangerous/Aggressive Dog Affidavit (.pdf) - Form used to initiate investigation of a potential dangerous/aggressive dog. Form must be completed  by citizen and notarized.
  • Owner Surrender Form English (.pdf); Spanish (.pdf) -  Form used to surrender an owned animal. This form should be taken to the shelter with the owner surrendering the animal.
  • Refund Request (.doc) - Form used to request a refund.
  • Find information on ACS permits including seller and litter permits, livestock or commercial permits here.