Happy Tails: June 15, 2020 - June 21, 2020

Happy Tails: June 15, 2020 - June 21, 2020

447 pets found homes last week!

447 pets found a home this past week! 

    • 102 pets were adopted 
    • 32 pets left with foster families 
    • 214 pets left with our rescue partners 
    • 99 pets were reunited with their families! 

Thank you everyone for your constant support! This past week has been so productive. Our pet’s placement has been constant for the past month, and we couldn’t be happier! 

Check out this week’s Happy Tail!  

Meet this lovely traveler! Banjo has been through some scenery changes lately. He was first found by one of our officers roaming the streets. Shortly after, he was brought to our shelter and got his needed vet care and playtime! Being the sweetheart that he is -- he later found a fosters that provided a heart-warming temporary home and some extra time. With his fosters, he was able to learn some simple commands, such as “sit”“shake” and more! Now Banjo has found a permanent home. His new family says “He is such a wonderful dog and a great addition to our home - the kids adore him and he adores them!” 

We are super happy for Banjo and his new family! This just shows the importance of fostering and adopting in one lovely happy tail.  

Look who got adopted this past week!

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