Happy Tails : July 27, 2020 - Aug 2, 2020

Happy Tails : July 27, 2020 - Aug 2, 2020

344 pets found a home this past week!

344 pets found a home this past week! 

  • 75 pets were adopted 

  • 13 pets left with foster families 

  • 152 pets left with our rescue partners 

  • 104 pets were reunited with their families! 

 We want to thank our community for helping us find placement for over 300 pets this week! We expect to see in increase in adoptions during the month of August as all of our pets are available in a reduced adoption fee – dogs $15 and cats $5! 


Butterscotch was brought to the shelter at the beginning of July. Cats are free to roam within city limits, but this case was different as butterscotch appeared to be sickResidents tried to find momma cat, but hours went by without a sign of her, so they called 3-1-1. At the shelter, he received medical attention as all of our pets do. He then left with a foster home where he recovered and learned to interact with humans! A few weeks went by and he then found a family that was so intrigued to meet him! Butterscotch is now in a happy home where we will continue to recover and grow! 

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