Happy Tails: August 31, 2020 - September 07, 2020

Happy Tails: August 31, 2020 - September 07, 2020

423 Pets found placement last week!

423 pets found placement last week!

  • 79 pets got adopted
  • 210 pets left with rescue partners
  • 118 pets were reunited with their families
  • 16 pets were fostered!

Hundreds of pets found placement this week! We want to thank our staff and community for all the efforts in making this possible. We couldn’t do it with out you!


Cherry was found roaming a neighborhood all alone. A family saw her and contacted 3-1-1 to reach out Animal Care Officers. Once our Animal Care Officer arrived at the location, he scanned for a microchip, looked for name tags to help find Cherry’s family, but Cherry wasn’t microchipped and had no trace for us to help her get back home. . She was brought back to our shelter where she received a lot of attention from potential adopters – and she was officially adopted on the same day! Cherry is now a happy-go-lucky pup running in a big beautiful yard where she plays with her new family everyday. A huge thank you to all of our new pet parents that adopted a pet last week!

Check out who got adopted last week!

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